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VOLUME VIII                               OCTOBER, 1963                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


If several recent newspaper articles are any indication, there is apparently quite a bit of activity in the Soviet Union today in the field of extra-sensory perception. It is interesting to read between the lines of these reports, but first let us examine some excerpts from one of them, a London Sunday Times article which was published in the United States by the San Francisco Chronicle of San Francisco, Calif., on July 10, 1963:

“LONDON-The Russians have backed out of an experiment in long-range telepathy between Leningrad and Cambridge, but the surprising thing is that Soviet psychical research should have begun at all.

“What is not so surprising is that the Russians say they are doing extremely well.

“The Soviet researchers, led by 71-year-old Professor Leonidovich Vasiliev, are scientists of a higher caliber than most of their counterparts in the West, and they enjoy an enviable degree of official support. They are now convinced beyond question that telepathy happens.

“As good Communists and dialectical materialists, they approach

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the problem from a point of view exactly opposite to that of the American parapsychologist, Dr. J. B. Rhine.

“Rhine believes that if he can establish the existence of telepathy he will also have proved the existence of an immortal soul, and thus have struck a notable blow against communism and its materialist doctrine.

“The Russians, on the other hand, regard the existence of telepathy as already established, and are concerned to show that its core is physical not supernatural-thus, they hope, striking a notable blow against what they call religious superstition.

“Vasiliev’s first pamphlet appeared in an atheist series. `There are no poltergeists or ghosts in the Soviet Union,’ he told a British visitor, and he was outraged to be shown a magazine containing an account of a Russian woman who said an apparition of Lenin had warned her that Stalin was a bad man.

“In 1959 a French popular science magazine published a story, almost certainly untrue, that the Americans had been successfully communicating by telepathy with the submarine Nautilus.

This rumor gave Soviet scientists, already interested in telepathy, a lever to gain fresh government backing. A parapsychological unit was added to the Leningrad department of physiology, with Professor Vasiliev as its head. Visitors from the West are still invariably pumped about the presumed American work with submarines and cosmonauts.

“Not long ago Rhine and other `reactionary philosophers’ were condemned in the Soviet press for seeking to `darken the mind of the toilers,’ and `fostering a thoroughly rotten bourgeois ideology, by trying to prove that telepathy is possible and similar ideological absurdities.’

“Now the atmosphere is changed. Vasiliev’s own book, ‘Suggestion at a Distance’ has been issued by the Moscow state publishing house in a huge paperback edition.

“Russian research, however, is far from new. As long ago as 1920 Professor B. B. Kazhinsky was doing telepathic experiments with animals. He claimed to have influenced a bear not to attack a man.

“In his book `Biological Radio,’ he says that interest was first aroused when, half-boped with sleep, he heard a sound like a small bell and immediately thought of a boy he knew. Subsequently he

OCTOBER, 1963                        3

learned that the boy was dying at the time and the boy’s mother had struck a spoon against a glass making just such a noise. “Vasiliev, too, carefully notes such `unusual coincidences’ in his daily life.’ From studying these cases of `natural telepathy,’ the Russians are inclined to think it is a vestigial faculty which animals possess to a much higher degree than men. Quoting `observations made by socialist entomologists,’ Vasiliev points out that female moths can call the male at a distance of several kilometers even against the winds . . .

“With his three best subjects, Vasiliev apparently achieved the astonishing success rate of approximately 90 percent; and during the first 20 trials with each subject the rate was above 95 percent.

`Using peyote, which is a form of mescalin, one of Vasiliev’s colleagues, Professor Terentjev, asked the subject to identify small objects concealed in identical opaque plastic boxes.

“In one test, for example, the subject asked: `How did you manage to put such a large building into such a small box? ‘ The target was a stamp showing a picture of the telegraph building in Moscow.

“Long-range experiments have been held between Leningrad and Yalta, but the results are difficult to discover. Western parapsychologists say that distance makes no difference-but it should, according to the Russian `biological radio’ theory.

“Anthony Cornell, the Cambridge researcher, thinks that. this disagreement may be one reason why Vasiliev has withdrawn from the international tests they had proposed.

“Cornell means to try again. Meanwhile Stephen Abrams, the young American director of an embryonic parapsychological laboratory at Oxford, has also been to Leningrad and, advancing by cautious steps, hopes to persuade someone from Leningrad to come as a visiting research fellow to Oxford . . . “

One interesting point to note in the above article is that ESP research gained government backing in the Soviet Union after an article appeared in a French magazine in 1959 claiming that the Americans were successfully communicating by telepathy between a submarine and shore. The article apparently seemed to hold enough water as far as the Russians were concerned to cause them

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to think that if the United States was indulging in telepathy on an official level they had better do it too.

Then, perhaps as a result of the official recognition given ESP research by the Soviet Union, the United States government about a year and a half ago let several million dollars worth of contracts for study of extra-sensory perception.

This set of circumstances points up the extent to which the Soviet Union and the United States are satellites of each other, struggling to “keep up with the Joneses.”

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World report

Mystery Object In Space

(From New Zealand Herald, March 19, 1963)

A mysterious star-like object, discovered by the radio-telescope at Parkes, New South Wales, has baffled Australian and American astronomers.

Astronomers say the object is not fully understood and appears to be outside present knowledge.

The object appears to be streaking away from earth at a speed of 30,000 miles a second. Experiments conducted by Australian astronomers at Parkes at the weekend failed to determine the nature of the object.

The Australian astronomers have three theories about the object. They are

That it is a galaxy 100 times bigger than any other known and is millions of light-years away from earth.

That it is a star relatively close to earth, but composed of matter unknown to scientists and so dense that a cubic inch would weigh tens of millions of tons.

That it is matter being explosively ejected from a star in the Milky Way, the galaxy in which our solar system lies.

The Parkes astronomers made the first close study of the object known as 3C273-and gave its position to American astronomers at the 200-inch optical telescope at Mt. Palomar, California.

OCTOBER, 1963                        5

“Bat Echoes” for the Blind

(Auckland, New Zealand, Star-1962)

Bats are able to navigate without sight at amazing speed. They use a supersonic echo device, and need a multitude of echoes to get an intelligible picture.

For some time now, attempts have been made in England, backed by St. Dunstan’s to develop an electronic “bat” to help the blind to see in the same way as a bat sees in the dark.

For this purpose, a small box containing a battery-powered transmitter sends out sound waves of about the same frequency as those the bats use (about 50,000 vibrations a second) and the echoes are converted into audible “bleeps.”

The device has been brought to a stage where it works quite well indoors, but only to a limited extent out of doors. For instance, it knows when there are objects within 20 ft. of it but it cannot resolve more than three of these things at once. Hence it cannot give a clear safe picture.

Blind people seem to interpret signals quite differently from people with sight, and the problem is to find out just how much information blind people want to be able to “see.”

When the problem is solved, as doubtless it will be, the “bat” will be scaled down to pocket size and ultimately even to the size of a hearing aid.

“Other Beings” In Space Thought Likely

(New Zealand Herald-July 17, 1963)

MOSCOW-The director of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Britain, Sir Bernard Lovell, said in Moscow yesterday that he believed there were many communities of other beings in different parts of the universe.

He said, at the close of a visit to the Soviet Union: “My own conclusion is that there must be many such communities. But the problem of making contact with them is a formidable one.

“It would require a pooling of all the world’s resources in astronomical equipment.”

During his visit, Professor Lovell became the first Western scientist to be shown over the Soviet deep space tracking network.

The Soviet Union, he said, had no single telescope as powerful as

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Jodrell Bank. However, the Russians had a large array of equipment, some of it of greater precision in making special observations.

Battling Old Age

(New Zealand Herald-July 17, 1963)

LONDON-A thousand pensioners will soon be taking an anti-age pill every day.

Linked with a high-protein diet, the pills are designed to ward off the effect of old age, including wrinkled skin, stooped shoulders and shuffling walk.

Dr. R. Smith, who is in charge of the project, said yesterday “Tests with them in America have already had spectacular results.” His 1000 volunteers will be selected from villages around Sunderland, County Durham. The experiment is backed by two British drug firms.

Scientists at Observatory Baffled

(From New Zealand Herald, May 31, 1963)

CANBERRA-A mysterious orange object which was seen to flash across the sky above Canberra on Wednesday night is puzzling astronomers at the Mt. Stromlo Observatory.

The director of the observatory, Professor B. Bok, and two other astronomers, saw the object at 6.58 p.m. on Wednesday as it sailed across the night sky. They watched it for one minute.

They reported that the object was self-luminous and not glowing from reflecting the rays of the sun.

It was orange-red in color and traveled from west to east, passing almost directly over the observatory.

It could not have been a meteor, because it was far too slow and did not leave a trail that a meteor of its size would have made. It appeared to be traveling too fast for a balloon.

The object was below a light cloud and did not lose its brightness in the 60 seconds it was watched.

Professor Bok, who was born in Holland, is a world authority on the Milky Way and radio-astronomy.

Californians See Mystery Lights

(From Riverside, Calif., Press, July 16, 1963)

Everyone on Larchwood who saw them agreed that what they saw was real and, they agreed, unusual.

OCTOBER, 1963                        7

What did they see?

This is the question invariably asked when people report seeing unidentified flying objects (UFO), or more popularly, flying saucers. Such was the case yesterday morning when E. C. Buzzell, 4458 Larchwood came into the Press-Enterprise office with a UFO report. Here’s the way it began:

“Last Friday night about 11 o’clock, I went out the back door and happened to glance up in the sky (over the Rubidoux area) and saw several lights circling around.

“It was a bit cloudy, so I went to the end of the street to get a good look at them. Larchwood is a dead end, with a clear view of the sky over Rubidoux from the end of the street).

“There were about eight of them and they looked disk shaped. They were flying around in ellipses, and they didn’t make any sound. They were moon-colored.”

Within minutes, Buzzell had summoned his wife, and six neighbors. Some of them watched the lights about an hour.

Mrs. Buzzell said that at first she thought the lights were searchlights. “But I couldn’t see any light rays connecting the lights to a searchlight. They all seemed to follow a definite pattern … they kept going in a circle.”

Mrs. Betty Star, 4473 Larchwood, a housewife whose husband Jim works at Bridgeport Brass in the northeastern section of the city, said she also thought the lights were a searchlight, but “they couldn’t have been. They kept going in circles like moons going at. high speed.”

She called her husband who was working, and he looked into the sky over Rubidoux from Bridgeport Brass. He saw nothing. The sky was cloudy and hazy.

A. F. Collins, 4475 Larchwood, watched the objects for about “15 or 20” minutes. He offered the same story as the rest. “I’ve never seen a flying saucer before,” he said, “and I don’t know what those lights were.”

Probably the best description came from Arthur Washburn, 4443 Larchwood, a City College instructor for the deaf. He watched the lights for about three minutes.

“Here is how they looked, “he said. “Try to imagine about seven or eight searchlights shining down from above, only there aren’t any

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

beams connecting the lights. That’s how they looked-like the ends of searchlight beams without the beams, just lights. They kept going around and back and forth in an elliptical course.”

“They couldn’t have been planes,” he said.

Doctor Links Birth Defects to Radioactive Rain

(From the National Observer (U.S.), July 29, 1963)

TORONTO, Canada-In 1961, the year nuclear testing in the atmosphere was resumed, the number of children born with birth defects in Canada’s Alberta Province nearly doubled over the year 1959. And the percentage was one-third higher in the northern reaches than in the dusty southern plains.

Dr. L. J. le Vann, chief medical officer of an Alberta school for retarded children, decided that the amount of rainfall was the only environmental difference between the areas. His hypothesis: Radioactivity in the rain caused an upsurge in birth defects.

Dr. le Vann’s report, appeared in last week’s issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Its editor, Dr. Donald C. Graham, felt the idea deserved attention, but insisted on attaching the subtitle, “A Survey and a Hypothesis.” “And that’s all it is, a hypothesis,” Dr. Graham repeated.

Dr. le Vann found that the number of babies born in Alberta with physical deformities had increased from 7.9 per 1,000 live births in 1959 to 13.8 in 1961, with a 30 per cent higher mark in the north than the south. If his theory is correct, Dr. le Vann wrote, the number of children born deformed must have been higher in 1962, when nuclear testing was more intensive, but official birth registry figures are not yet available.

Radioactivity Perils Animals In Arctic Areas

(From New York Herald Tribune, June 4, 1963)

LONDON-Animals in the Arctic living off plants are piling up heavy concentrations of radioactivity and scientists are getting worried about it, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

A spokesman for the fund concerned with the care and protection of all wildlife, quoted a Hudson’s Bay Co, report that Canadian biologists were alarmed at “dangerous concentration” of radioactive strontium in caribou in the Canadian Arctic.

The fund said that according to the company’s Beaver Magazine

OCTOBER, 1963                        9

the “safe” level for contamination in man was about 17 strontium units. Caribou bones have been showing from 100 to 200 units, the fund spokesman said.

The animals are affected because they live off lichens that are particularly efficient at soaking up radioactivity, he added.

The fund also reported a high degree of contamination in Sweden’s reindeer.

Dutch biologists, examining wild geese, have found that white fronted geese, which breed in Arctic Russia, were most, affected by radioactivity, the fund added.

Flying Object Seen Over New York State

(From a Buffalo, N.Y., newspaper, July 19, 1963)

A flying object “as bright as a big star” crossed the Western New York sky about 9:40 Thursday night from southeast to north-west.

Thousands of residents saw the object, including personnel in the Federal Aviation control tower at Greater Buffalo International Airport. They believed the object was a capricious weather balloon, because of its erratic flight characteristics – “speeding up, then slowing down and just floating.”

The object took about 15 minutes to cross from horizon to horizon. The clarity of the weather made it difficult to estimate the height of the object, since there were almost no clouds to use as reference points.

Control tower personnel said they had no radar contact with the object. Many observers said it looked like such satellites as Echo I, the communications balloon-” only bigger, and brighter.”

West Germany Bans Use of Detergents

(From Drew Pearson column in numerous U. S. newspaper)

July 19, 1963

While the big soap companies of the United States pollute the streams of the United States with non-solvent detergents, West Germany, which helped discover detergents, has banned the use of detergents. The West German government has passed a law against the use of ABS, (alkyl benzine sulphonate), the substance which is ruining American drinking water.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Rep. Henry Reuss, D-Wis., who is battling for a similar law in the United States, states that the American soap industry is spending $250 million a year for advertising to sell detergents and only $5,000,000 a year on research to change the unhealthy aspect of detergents.

“If I were in industry, I would not be proud of the fact that we spent 2 per cent as much trying to get rid of harmful detergents as we spent trying to tell the public that detergents are good for you, that they are 99.44 percent pure, etc.,” Reuss told the Government Operations Committee. “This is a false set of values.”

Cone Of Water, Half a Mile High, Reported

(From Alhambra, Calif., Post-Advocate, July 25. 1963)

PENSACOLA, Fla.-A cone of water a half-mile high whipped out of the Gulf of Mexico and cut a two-mile path through a lagoon. It ripped up fishing camps and boats. But no injuries were reported.

——— ♦ ———


An organizational meeting of the Merlin Radio Guild was held at Merlin, Oregon, on August 25, 1963. The guild is composed of persons who have donated $5 or more toward putting Radio Understanding on the air at Merlin.

The meeting was held in the radio station building now nearing completion atop Radio Hill at Merlin. About 20 persons were present. In all there are more than 100 guild members, living in all parts of the world.

The function of the guild will be to coordinate programming for the radio station. At the organizational meeting, some officers were elected to represent the guild. They were Dan Fry, president; Col. Harry May, vice president; Gary Shearman, secretary; Katharina Mosch, treasurer, and Cleve Twitchell, publicity chairman. A board of directors also was elected. It will include all of the above, and William J Bryan, Durward B. Fairfield, Aleta Johnston, John Nunez and Mrs. Roy Welter.

——— ♦ ———

OCTOBER, 1963                        11

Members of the Merlin Radio

Guild met August 25 for an organizational meeting. Here, most of the group posed for the cameraman after the meeting.

This photo gives an idea of the view that will be enjoyed by persons working at Radio Understanding in its building atop Radio Hill at Merlin.

The walls of the radio station building are now all up. The roof will be next.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


All over the country in the past few years small groups of people have been coming together to address themselves to the question of the peace of the world. What do these groups stand for and what do they do? Perhaps an illustration of how one such group was formed and what they have actually done will be informative.

One hot and humid evening in June of 1961 in a small town in upstate New York a group of average people gathered in a private home. Among them were a lawyer, two ministers, two teachers, two insurance men and a couple of housewives. They had come together to ask each other the question: What can we do, if anything, to help preserve peace for our nation and for the world?

The first point of discussion centered on the issue of whether there. was enough interest in the issue of peace to form a new organization. The town had a population of over 100,000 and the group decided that the best plan would be to send out an invitational letter and find out what interest there actually would be. The letter would outline the present dangers of a nuclear war and suggest that such an organization could work to help avert such a war; it would name a date for an organizational meeting.

The rest of the evening was spent in a lively discussion of what kinds of things such a group could do. Among the suggestions were: to have informative speakers with appropriate newspaper publicity; to write letters to the editor expressing opinions on current events when the central issue of such events was peace, war or nuclear armaments, to try to get TV time for an informative program, to distribute literature of an informative nature which is readily available from national groups who have experts writing the material. It was decided that many or all of these suggestions should be put forth at the larger organizational meeting.

Two months later, when everyone had returned from summer trips, the organizational meeting was held. There were people of all faiths and all shades of political opinion among the thirty people who came. And these people had to ask themselves- What is it we have in common? And the answer to that question formed the basis for the informal set of by-laws which the group set up for a new organization.

OCTOBER, 1963                        13

The group set itself the following objectives:

To attempt to: 1. Focus community attention on the major social issues;

2. Sponsor programs of information and education on these issues, and

3. Provide a means for appropriate group and individual action.

The major concern which demands greater attention in our community is the resolution of international problems through means other than the ultimate reliance on force.

And so a new group came into being. The first public meeting sponsored a nationally known physicist and drew 140 people. This was followed by a geneticist speaking on the genetic effects of radiation. There have been many speakers since, some, such as Seymour Nielman, author of The Peace Road, of national renown.

With the inauguration of a newsletter and the decision to invite well-known men who are also good speakers, it was decided that an annual budget was needed. The response to requests both at meetings and in a fund drive was heartening.

Besides the newsletter which carries announcements, peace news and paraphrased articles from little–read periodicals (such as Scientific American, out-of-town newspapers, etc.) the group produced a series of three television programs under the auspices of the Council of Churches. At various times the Executive Committee of the group has made public statements on current issues.

It is a small group of little people like you and me. It is a, group of people who believe that in these days of nuclear arms the only meaningful peace is a peace brought about through negotiation and not by the use of force. Any armed conflict using nuclear arms will leave no one victorious. Toward this kind of peace the group aims to help inform the public of the issues and of some of the arguments that do not often get a hearing. An informed public rather than an uninformed mob is our best peace “weapon.”

Helen Vukasin

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Re-Examine Your Loyalty

I want to say it

fast and hard and swift

with lightning intensity:

if you’re unhappy in the group you’re in,

or chaffing to cut loose from the teaching you’re in,cut.

Now you are cut,

you are suffering

from the pangs of disloyalty, so-called.

Consider two remedies for this:

First, sit down with yourself and ask yourself

if true loyalty is loyalty to others

or loyalty to your own Inner Guidance

that makes you feel this need for severance

so strongly.

Second, and because

you can’t do two things at one and the same time,

instead of hating yourself,

practice loving the group you’re leaving.

It works,

If you practice it —

OCTOBER, 1963                        15

like Vitamins work,

if you take ’em.

Honest gratitude for what you once needed

need never culminate,

even though our physical presence sometimes must.

-Ellen June LaGasse

Pleasent Ridge, Michigan

——— ♦ ———


Talking, working, and being with children has challenged my life to study the causes and effects of the problems with which our maturing youth are confronted. Therefore, something must be said about the tragic lack of adults’ ability to impart faith and confidence in young people’s lives. It is a tremendous, detrimental factor in the maturation of our boys and girls.

Neighbors are too busy to give an encouraging word; relatives and friends wish them good fortune, but do not have the wholehearted confidence in a young man’s or woman’s ability or sincerity. They are hounded and surrounded by wagging tongues and warped tales uttered by vicious adults, who are a great hindrance instead of a help to our wonderful children. In a boat, out in the angry sea, Jesus said to his fearful disciples, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

My parents assured me this wonderful confidence long before I was plagued with adolescence. When the confusing time arrived, I had learned to not. rely on my own intellect alone to guide me, but God’s. I obeyed my parents because the Bible said to. I challenge everyone to read what Romans 1:28-32 says about knowledge without God and disobedience to parents. I have never found a child that does not respect God even though he has never read a line of scripture. To inspire you to reverse the tragic cycle of cynicism to the rewarding cycle of optimism is my sincere appeal. Truly, it’s theory works like a miracle; let me tell you about, Johnny.

John was a little, scrawny, unkempt lad of nine. Because of his parents’ addiction to liquor, he was cold, hungry, or going to run away from home most of the time. When some misdemeanor would

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

occur in our middle class neighborhood, he would have to give full account to the police. He needed things, the Lord knew; but when he told me in sincerity that lie did not steal the bicycle that he was accused of taking, I believed him and stood up for him. The whole story of this boy is an interesting one, but the point is: the rnetamorphosis that took place within him revealed (1) the purpose of education; (2) God consciousness-that he was given talent and abilities, too; (3) and the knowledge that someone believed in him. Oh, but you say he was a child of neglect: well, there was Don whose parents were wealthy and devoted. As a frustrated nineteen year old youth, he confided in me with these words, “No one believes in me but you, Mrs. Carson.” He had never been able to complete an undertaking; the pessimism finally snowballed the youth under..

Let me explain that I do not acknowledge sloppy work, but in the meantime I have found opportunities to praise a child’s successful endeavor.

Matthew, seven, contains the most wonderful principle that God has given to parents. “What measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again.” Isn’t it better to hear that a child refuses to do wrong because his parents believe he’ll do what is right in God’s sight rather than because he’ll get a good thrashing if he doesn’t?

The Bible is the most wonderful of all the psychology books. It states that “Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” (I Corinthians 2:5). It also states the errors of men that we may profit thereby. Therefore, with eyes to see and ears to hear enticing things, the human being has experiences, and they produce one of two results: good (right)-or bad (wrong). It is just as plain and simple as that. I remember my Mother telling me of a lesson she learned. Grandmother gave her money for Sunday School; she spent it on candy. She’ll never forget the experience for Grandmother detected the telltale purple left on her mouth. Had this not been a profitable experience, she would have repeated the error, maybe leading to something more serious, starting a chain of unacceptable behaviour patterns. We should know these pitfalls and act upon them immediately! “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:3). We cannot justify the wrong-doing of our youth, but let us examine their teachers (parents). We are unconsciously influencing our

OCTOBER, 1963                        17

children by the lack of understanding of God’s rules in backbiting, envying, and being deceitful to our neighbors and associates. Whether we accept it or not, the fact is that the lack of faith in our youth is born right here. We are not doing what is right in God’s sight, so we do not have the faith ourselves. How, then, can we impart it to others?

Let us resolve to change the tragic lack in our lives so that we can successfully influence and impart faith and confidence to our future mothers and fathers of tomorrow.

Virginia Carson

Portland, Oregon

—— ♦ ———


(From “THE UFO INVESTIGATOR,” NICAP, 1536 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington 6, D.C., January-February, 1963).

IS THERE ANY LIFE ON EARTH? The question was used by the magazine Missiles and Rockets in commenting on a photograph taken by TIROS IV, the weather satellite launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

As transmitted to earth by TIROS, the photo shows the entire Great. Lakes area-but not a single indication of a highly advanced civilization on this planet. Located in the area shown are Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, and many other large cities, but not a trace of them can be found in the photograph.

Only one of the thousands of TIROS photographs has given any sign that our planet is inhabited. In that solitary picture, a number of white criss-crossed lines were observed; they were later identified as snow-clogged logging roads cutting through a Canadian forest.

Even photos from aircraft, taken at a much lower altitude, sometimes fail to show any sign of civilization because of haze or other conditions.

Without highly superior telescopes or other advanced equipment, dwellers on other planets probably would feel justified in deciding that Earth is devoid of life. Lacking equipment superior to what we now possess, they could however determine the existence of our civilization by: 1. Close range observations by probes or manned spacecraft operating near the Earth; 2. Evaluating our radio transmissions and realizing they were intelligent signals or messages …

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dear Editor

About 9 o’clock last evening, July 18, while I was taking my dog out for a walk, I noticed a large light to the north, back of the tops of some tall trees. Thinking it was an air-plane, I thought it strange that it did not pass the trees, and I heard no sound from it, so I walked to the end of the block where I would have open view of the sky. The light was still in the same place and not moving. It kept blinking off and on at, varying intervals at least 6 times while I was looking, and then disappeared.

Just then a number of young people came running around the corner. They bad not seen the light, but were looking at something almost over-head. There was a long white “cloud” of a strange formation; it looked like a lacy material that had dropped from an object in motion, making a number of folds or overlapping of the material.

It gradually faded out. Could it have been a flying saucer in trouble, and that the “cloud” was angel-hair?” The sky was clear and cloudless.

-M. I. Crocker

P.S. This was the 7th “saucer” (including a space-ship) that I have seen, since 1952.

Dear Friends

I attended Buck Nelson’s convention this past June and I took Chief Standing Horse along from his place at Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We saw a lot of activity in the heaven’s at Buck’s; there are a lot more stars visible there than here at Sacramento, Calif. In fact the Heavens are a blaze of light out there at night.

But the best sighting I had was at the Chief’s place the night after we got back to his place in Sapulpa, Okla. I had gone out into the yard and was looking at the heavens when I noticed one star that was moving around so I called the Chief and his wife Nappanee out for a look and as we watched this star moved in angles to the right, then up several times, then moved from left to right across the sky. (It was in the northern sky). When it got in the eastern sky, it came alongside another star and they played tag with each other for a while. Then it moved on across the sky until it was in the southeastern sky where it took up a place in the heavens and didn’t move any more.

-W. T. Vandeventer

OCTOBER, 1963                        19

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We’re Changing Our Address

During the past year and a half, Understanding has been in the process of a gradual shift of location from southern California to southern Oregon. Another step in the move is being taken this month, with the opening of an Understanding office at Merlin, Ore. Effective with this issue, we are changing the mailing address of the magazine to P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532. Subscriptions, memberships, manuscripts and correspondence should now be sent to the Oregon address. Book orders have already been handled in Oregon for several months. The magazines will still be mailed from Pasadena, Calif., however, and the Pasadena address will continue to appear as the return address on the magazines themselves.

Two New Units Welcomed

Understanding magazine is pleased to announce that new Understanding units have been formed at Maywood, New Jersey (#59) and Strathmore, California (#60). President of the Maywood unit is Mrs. Mary Bassano of 911 Spring Valley Road, Maywood, N. J. Will Salover is vice president and Miss Monika Both is secretary treasurer. President of the Strathmore unit is Oscar F. Knight of 18331, Road 192, Strathmore, Calif. Elizabeth M. Fannin is secretary-treasurer.

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Toledo, Ohio, Unit #45 has entertained several lecturers during recent months: Major Wayne Aho ; Nicholas Johnson, a missionary from Pontiac, Mich.; William Jennings Cassiere, metaphysician from California, and Swami Parampanthi, a Hindu monk from Assam, India, who gave talks over a period of 10 days.

The Sixth annual Northern California Space-Craft convention will be held Nov. 2 and 3 at the Hotel Claremont in Berkeley, Calif. from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. Fee for the two days is $2.75 per person, students $1.50. Those scheduled to speak include Dr. Frank E. Stranges, George King, Col. Arthur J. Burks, Mrs. Hilda Finney and Carl Anderson.

Members of Understanding, Inc., are reminded of the corporation’s annual meeting to be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12 and 13, at Chico, Calif., in the Hotel Oaks. The Saturday meeting will start at 1:30 p.m. Dan Fry will speak Saturday evening. Those wishing to make hotel or motel reservations should write J. L. McGury, P.O. Box 313, Chico, Calif. 95937.

Deeds Issued at Merlin

Merlin Development Co. takes pleasure in announcing that the first three deeds have been issued to families who have purchased property in the Merlin area. Others are now in the works and are scheduled to be issued soon.

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532

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The Scientific Kingdom Idea

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