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VOLUME VII                                APRIL, 1962                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


WHEN THE SOVIET UNION announced last year it was resuming the testing of nuclear devices, the United States held off announcing resumption of its own tests for a period of about two weeks, undoubtedly hoping to gain a propaganda advantage in the eyes of world opinion. An additional propaganda advantage would appear to have been sought in the fact that the initial U.S. series was composed solely of underground tests, which produce little or no radioactive fallout.

But was such a propaganda advantage attained? Just recently a national magazine in the United States reported that the U.S. State Department was discovering to its disappointment that the propaganda gained was much smaller than had been anticipated.

What happened? There are two things that should be noted here. One is that it takes several months to prepare for a series of nuclear tests. U.S. officials pointed out this fact in condemning Russia for resumption of testing while disarmament negotiations between the two countries were in progress. Yet, the United States resumed tests of its own, tests which also must have taken months to prepare, within just a few weeks after the Soviet Union’s resumption of tests. The United States’ decision to resume testing in the atmosphere was

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

announced in March, at which time President Kennedy stated that the first such test would probably be run sometime during April. On the surface it might seem that the U.S. arrived at the decision to resume atmosphere tests after much consideration and with deep reluctance. Yet these tests take seven or eight, months of preparation. If they are scheduled to begin in April, then one wonders if preparations for atmosphere tests haven’t been underway for quite some time.

The second thing that needs to be pointed out is that the leaders of most, of the world’s nations are now sophisticated enough to know what the United States will do in situations like this, that a great deal of what the United States does is in direct reaction to the actions of the Soviet Union.

We Americans ridicule the puppet nations of the communist bloc, but in a way we have become a puppet of the Soviet Union. We are not a puppet in the sense that we endorse everything it does, but we are a puppet in the sense that our policy is largely a form of reaction to everything the Soviet Union does.

Whenever we take such action in reaction to what the Soviets have done, we seem to be able to explain it and ;justify it pretty well to ourselves, but we don’t seem to be able to explain or justify it to the other nations of the world. They have gotten to know us too well.

We might be more respected by other nations if we chose our own policy instead of just reacting to the policies of other nations.

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WHEN THE PROBLEMS of the world are put before us, the average person says to himself, “What can I do? I am only an individual. True, I see there is great difficulty in the problems of the world, but there isn’t any point in my worrying about it or attempting to do anything about it because I couldn’t anyway.”

This brings up a question that is frequently asked at my lectures, when discussing those who have had contact with extra-terrestrials. There are people in all walks of life who have established such contact. Some very simple people, some very well, known. Many people ask, “Why are some of these men contacted? Why are men

APRIL, 1962                                3

who never went beyond the sixth grade contacted, for instance?

Why would the space people waste time on individuals who haven’t had the benefit of a thorough education?”

My answer to that question is always the same, because it illustrates a great point. I tell of the term paper that I wrote in high school. It was on the subject of cause and effect. I started with a description of the activity of an ordinary horsefly flying around in back of a stable. And while flying around he chanced to observe that the stable door was open and decided to fly inside. And at that point I left the horsefly and went across town and took up the life of a fireman who was sitting down at the supper table. He was discussing the vacation which he was about to take the next week, discussing with his family where they would go and what they would do. And after a few sentences I left this firemen with the statement that he little realized that he would be dead before morning because this horsefly took this particular moment to fly into this particular door.

Then I went across to another portion of town and took up the life of a great banker and real estate promoter who was discussing with his family the large addition which he was going to make to an apartment building which he owned. And again after a few sentences I left him with the statement that he little realized that every piece of property he owned would be destroyed before morning because this particular horsefly took this particular time to fly into this particular door.

I picked up a couple of other lives here and there about town just long enough to listen to their plans, their intentions, and left them with a statement of the profound and unalterable change that would be brought into their lives because this horsefly flew into this door.

Of course, the denouement was quite simple. The barn was the stable of Mother O’Leary in Chicago and the horsefly was the fly which bit. her cow at the psychological moment, causing the cow to kick over the lantern that caused the fire that resulted in the death of hundreds of people and the destruction of most of the city. We don’t know whether this actually happened or not. The Mother O’Leary cow story is just a legend. But I used it as an example of the cause and effect principle and I ended this thesis with a moral. I said that this little story points outs only one great lesson. We

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

usually think that those who are going to do a great. deal of good for humanity must be men of great training and great skill, men who stand before the public. But, I said, it isn’t always true. The most ignorant, unschooled moron in the city of Chicago could have saved the city that night if he had been in the right, place at the right time and had had a flyswatter.

So, I say in the case of those who have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings but who have not had the advantages of education that perhaps some others have had, perhaps they were at the right place at the right time with a flyswatter. And if they were, then the “bother” of contacting them was a very small bother indeed. There is one thing you will find in common with all contactees. They are all willing to be at the right place at the right time and they don’t bother to ask why.

I bring this up because people ask, “What can I do?” How do you know what you can do? Again and again people ask me what they can do, and I tell them the following humorous little story, which many of you have probably heard me tell from the platform. It’s the story of the lady on board a ship making her first transatlantic voyage. Three days out from shore she went to the captain and said, “Oh, captain, I’m very worried.”

The captain said, “Well, ma’am, I’ll be very glad to help you in any way I can. What can I do for you?”

She said, “Well, I’m worried because it occurred to me that I might become seasick. This is my first ocean trip and they say people sometimes become seasick, and I’ve never been seasick. If I became seasick I wouldn’t know what to do.”

And the captain said, “Madam, if I were you I wouldn’t worry about that because if you become seasick, you’ll do it!”

So again it illustrates the great point. To those who realize there is something that needs to be done, to those who come to me and say, “What can I do?”, I say, “You are already doing it. You can’t help yourself.”

The thing we need to do is realize the problems. If we do, the solutions are well on their way.

-Daniel W. Fry

APRIL, 1962                                5

World report

A Monster On the Beach

(From San Francisco, Calif., Chronicle, March 9, 1962)

Hobart, Tasmania-Australian scientists are puzzled by a huge carcass found on a remote beach on the west coast of Tasmania.

They say it is like no known creature.

It is circular in shape and has no eyes, no defined head and no bone structure. Its creamy, rubbery flesh is probably 12 inches thick and covered with wooly hair.

The monster is 20 feet long, 18 feet wide and 4½ feet thick and weighs between five and ten tons.

It is described as like a huge turtle without appendages. Scientist Bruce Hollsion of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization was in an expedition that made a hazardous trek to the scene this week.

He said the monster’s characteristics appeared different from all known large fish or sea mammals.

“I believe the creature is an animal but it is unlike anything I have seen or heard of,” he said.

“It could be new in the animal kingdom,” said G. Whitely, curator of fishes at the Australian Museum.

Fantastic Relics Of a Mystery People

(From San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 16, 1962)

By Dean Wallace

There is an art exhibit at Rose Rabow Gallery, 2130 Leavenworth Street, that dates back one or two thousand years-give or take half a millennium or so. The artists were the aboriginal dwellers of the Puget Sound area, a race of people about which almost nothing is, known except the fantastic designs, figures and symbols they left carved in solid rock.

Now nearly everyone who has ever tucked a camera under his arm

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and set out with wife and kiddies to see America first, has at some time gazed at “Indian writings,” or petroglyphs. But except for the tribes of Mexico, the red men never left so strange a visual record as did these early precursors of the Chinook, Salishan and Kwakiutl tribes.

We can see this record without journeying to Puget Sound because of a technique an archaeologist and amateur artist named Pozzi has borrowed from the Orient, namely stone-rubbing. Even though it is not used much in this country, it is by no means new. If you’re not familiar with it, it works on the same principle as carbon paper, yielding on paper a graphic image of the rubbed surface.

Pozzi, along with other archaeologists, feels that stone-rubbing gives a more direct, impression than do photographs. They show actual size, textures, and the pristine vitality of primitive art in a way the camera cannot equal.

But the rubbings Pozzi has sent from Puget Sound show far more than that. They reveal a primordial striving toward fine and decorative art, an extraordinary sense of design, and a feeling for the sculpted form that. was almost totally unknown to all other tribes of this time, North of the Aztecs.

There are islands in the Sound with carvings that actually do resemble Aztec art-and there is a job that will keep anthropologists busy for the next decade or two. Other carvings reflect the tikis of the South Seas (this looks like an even tougher job).

Strangest of all is a huge rock just across the border in British -Columbia that swarms with sea monsters, unearthly fish and mysterious animals that defy human knowledge. But they all have an unmistakable oriental cast. If this doesn’t, start another bunch of rafts floating across the Pacific, I’ve made a wrong guess.

The Taming of the Shrews

(From Chicago Daily News, Feb. 16, 1962)

LONDON- “Mice talking” is becoming something of a fad in merrye England.

Recently eyebrows were raised when Lady Dowding, wife of Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, the 1940-41 battle of Britain leader,

APRIL, 1962                                7

announced that she had rid her home of mice by asking them politely to move next door.

But, as the Dowdings are confirmed spiritualists; people didn’t make too much of her story.

Not so in the case of Sheila Darbellay, 41-year-old proprietress of the three Fords Inn at Broad Clyst, near Exeter.

Mrs. Darbellay is known as a solid, sensible citizen and her ex-sergeant major husband Frank is not given to fits of imagination. So when Mrs. Darbellay reported that she had rid her house of shrews by asking them politely to find another home, people paid attention.

The common shrew is a type of insect-eating mouse about three inches long.

Mrs. Darbellay had made pets of a dozen of them before they became a nuisance. Her husband Frank reported he had thought his wife was potty when he first heard her talking to the shrews but changed his mind when the shrews “cleared out for good.”

The Man in Black

Florence, Italy-A strange man dressed only in black entered a furniture store at. Foggia and ordered a black bed. The salesgirl said it would have to be made to order, so he left his address. The address was grave No. 19,629 at the cemetery where bomb victims of the last war are buried. Franco Saverio Ricci is buried there.

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In the March issue of Understanding we made a rather ironic mistake. A sentence appeared in the story “Of Newspapermen and Doomsdays” which read as follows : “I reprint the text of this letter to show you that news services and newspapers do not care about being accurate.” The word “not” was not intended to be there. Understanding does care about being accurate, you see, but like anyone else we frequently goof!

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING



(The following tied for fifth place in Understanding’s essay contest last year. The Editors.)

You are a coward; I am a coward; from birth modern man has been nursed on the milk of cowardice! To be stimulated to action by fear is good, if we move as a brave man does to wipe out the source. The wrong is in running or refusing to admit that there is a need for feat: The world is plagued with negative action. We occupy ourselves preventing. We are a physician, treating the symptoms instead of the disease: If our energies were put to work for understanding and compassion, there would be no disease to cause fatal symptoms.

How can we treat this malignancy?

First: We must admit it exists. We must look behind the symptoms and realize the source of infection.

Second: We must also accept the idea that healing must come from us, individually, working in small groups, until we are all finally pulling together for the common good.

Lastly: Before we take a stand against, stop, think. It is a waste to spend our energies denouncing an idea or a country or a handful of leaders; find instead a common ground upon which to support the humanities which comprise all nations.

If we become, today, a power for good, that is one more on the side of right; if we convince, tomorrow, one other to move with us, that is one more on the side of right.

Now you are willing, now you are enthused. A day, a week, a month from now, will you still be enthusiastic? Start your cog turning and it will react upon others. Don’t set your goals too high but set them! Climb with them, ever reaching progressively higher. Communities are made up of ones and the world is made up of communities. Don’t shrug and ask, “What can I do? I am only one.” You must believe that only you can change the world. One has done it before and He was a carpenter’s Son.

Mrs. Gretchen Corn

North Tonawanda, N. Y.

APRIL, 1962                                9


In a small area of southwestern Oregon, located about 20 miles north of  the city of Medford, and about 55 miles east of Merlin, lies some rugged, beautiful terrain that is getting quite a reputation for frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects. The area in question includes the towns of Shady Cove and Prospect and the Trail creek highway, which leads northwesterly to the town of Tiller. Tiller received statewide publicity recently when part of a mountain literally slid down.

In Shady Cove, a man named Carroll Watson has a record of UFO sightings in the area that dates back to 1950. Counting just what he considers to be good sightings, he now has a record of 37 since 1950, 37 on which he has kept, detailed information. A total of 15 of these sightings has been reported in the Trail creek-Canyon creek area. So many strange objects have been seen above these creeks that one of the nearby ranchers was recently heard to remark, “Just about everyone who’s lived here for any length of time has seen one of them things.”

One of the most often heard arguments against the existence of flying saucers is that, people who believe in flying saucers want to see them so badly that they literally talk themselves into seeing something that isn’t there. Such is not. the case with the people in the creeks area. They couldn’t care less about flying saucers. All they know is that they saw some pretty strange objects that weren’t conventional aircraft, apparitions or flocks of geese.

Take this report for instance, quoted from Carroll Watson’s book of sightings:

“One summer evening these two observers saw a round, bright reddish object approaching the mouth of Canyon creek from the west. As it came towards them it moved from hill top to hill top at a fairly slow speed and upon reaching the brow of the left hand ‘saddle’ about one mile away, it stopped a short distance above the tree tops. Diameter was estimated to be one-third the size of a full moon. From this point. the ball of fire slowly, and for a considerable time, crossed back and forth from one side of the canyon to the other.

“After this performance, and being on the left side of the canyon,

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

it started to emit a snake like bluish light directed toward the right side of the canyon. As the ball decreased in volume, the snake like light increased its length until the ball had disappeared and only the wavy light remained suspended above the canyon. Then a fire ball began to form on the canyon’s right side and the attached wavy light decreased its length until it disappeared into the ball which now was the same in shape and size as when on the left side of the canyon. It then left in the direction from which it came.

“This remarkable display was entirely foreign to the experience of the observers and considerably upset and frightened them.” The most recent sighting in Watson’s file occurred Feb. 21, 1962. A man and his wife were driving down the Trail creek highway when the wife spotted a star that appeared to be larger than the others in the night time sky. As she called her husband’s attention to it, the star suddenly grew in size to that of a full moon and took on an extreme brilliance. The couple disagreed on what color it was. The wife said she thought it had started as a red and then changed to an orange red, while the husband compared it to the bluish white of a welder’s light. After about five seconds, the husband said he thought he could see a bright streaked outline around the light in the shape of an elongated oval. The left portion of this shape contained the brilliant light, while the other two-thirds appeared to have a pale moon color, reminiscent of aluminum colors. He guessed it to be the length of three airplanes. The wife, however, saw only the brilliant light, while the driver of a car behind them said he didn’t notice the object.

The couple lost sight of the object behind some trees. When that part of the sky became visible again a few moments later, the object had disappeared.

Additional facts: The husband had 20-20 vision. The car’s windshield was untinted. Both observers were positive that the lights of the car behind them were not involved. The sky was clear with no clouds, moon or wind.

To Be Continued

Cleve Twitchell

Assistant Editor

APRIL, 1962                                11


A drawing has been superimposed over this photograph to show what a women in Prospect, Ore. saw on Oct. 15, 1960, a few minutes before 8 a.m. This sighting is another in the total of 37 recorded by Carroll Watson of Shady Cove, Ore. The woman saw this craft on route 62, the Crater Lake Highway, a few miles south of Prospect. The craft appeared to be about 150 feet in diameter. She was within 1584 feet of it. The craft hovered for a minute or more between 40 and 50 feet above the highway. One other couple also saw it.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Do you know what
Science is saying?

It is proving that
Space is a song…

That we are surrounded
By music …

Life sings as it hurries along.

Atoms make music
Together …You car.

Hear the world hum,
If you will.

Folk songs come from
The planets … Birds learn

Their song from the rill.

APRIL, 1962                                18

Choir answers choir
From the heavens…

Sun, moon and stars
Play their part,

In the great Celestial
Anthem, that comes

From the Voice of the heart.

Love starts this
Chain-reaction …

There is nothing to fear
From then on …

For you have the key,
Beloved … The love in

Your heart starts the Song!

-Jeanne Babbitt

——— ♦ ———


Sacramento, Calif., Unit #46 is setting up a speakers’ bureau for the purpose of arranging tours for speakers to units and other groups wishing to schedule them. For further information, contact Gerald Cooper, 4331 Turnbridge Dr., Sacramento 23, Calif.

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10:00 to 10:05-Number, 7 (SEVEN)

10:05 to 10:10-Color of disc, BLUE

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, block or hoop, HOOP

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, ACE OF SPADES

10:20 to 10:25-Book or Magazine, ASTROLOGY GUIDE (Sept.)

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery object was, HAIRBRUSH

14.                                                 UNDERSTANDING


(The following is the first in a periodic series of articles on organizations and sometimes controversial matters that are related to the New Age field. The purpose of these articles is not to praise or criticize, support. or condemn any particular organization or idea, but rather to try and spread a little understanding about it. –The Editors.)

“Every family in America should belong to the National Health Federation,” believes Fred J. Hart, the organization’s leader, in order to do the following for themselves:

“1. Protect their health.

“2. Know the truth about health matters.

“3. Reduce the cost of health care.

“4. Work for beneficial health legislation.

“5. Oppose detrimental health legislation.

“6. Secure fair and impartial law and regulation enforcement.

“7. Put a stop to injurious chemicals being added to food and drink.

“8. Maintain health, liberty and freedom of choice.

“9. Have a. strong and united voice in health matters.

“10 Insist that all money raised for health research and care be used for that purpose and no other.

“11 Compel all health fund raising organizations to give a yearly detailed account of the expenditure of all funds collected.”

The National Health Federation (NHF) has emerged as a voice in defense of the non-medical method of healing. It does not favor one drugless profession over another, but rather attempts to preserve the rights of Americans to go to a non-medical doctor if they so desire and the rights of non-medical doctors to practice and enjoy freedoms equivalent to those enjoyed by the medical profession.

It is the belief of many NHF members that the medical profession (in particular the American Medical Association) is attempting to set itself up as the only true healing profession and brand as quackery all other types of healing.

The NHF contends that the above conclusion is evident in light of the fact that laws have been introduced in many states to limit

APRIL, 1962                                15

the practice of psychology and similar practices to the medical profession; that attempts have been made through the Post Office Department to bar from the mails books which teach health principles contrary to accepted medical theories; that “the medical monopoly is making every effort possible through the Federal. State and local governments to harass all practitioners who operate as non-medical physicians,” etc.

The federation takes particular note of what it describes as a “tremendous move” by the medical profession and the federal government to establish the principle of mass medication. Fluoridation of water supplies, vaccination programs and treating of-fruits, vegetables and animals with poisonous chemicals are cited as examples of such mass medication.

The NHF has as a result been waging a battle against fluoridation, food additives and the polio vaccine.

In order to make its feelings known to people in a position to do something about health legislation, the federation operates a bureau in Washington. Clinton R. Miller, in charge of the NHF Washington office, devotes full time to contacting senators and congressmen, urging support of legislation in concert with the federation’s aims and opposition to legislation contrary to its aims.

The federation also works with legislators on the state level in some instances. A feather in NHF’s cap is the fact that through its efforts a loophole was left in a recently enacted California law requiring all school students to have polio immunizations. The federation-sponsored loophole allows anyone not desiring the shots to refuse to take them simply by objecting in writing. Originally the law would only have allowed religious objections. As finally passed, it allows objections on any grounds.

In brief, the federation officials and members believe that it is un-American to allow a large group such as the AMA to discriminate against a minority group such as those who prefer the non-medical means of healing. They believe that every medical doctor, be he a chiropractor, naturopath, osteopath or spiritual healer has just as much right to practice healing the way he sees fit as any medical doctor and they are dedicated to preserving this right. Or

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in the words of a slogan on one piece of NHF literature, “Freedom of choice is your American heritage.”

Understanding readers interested in obtaining more information about the National Health Federation may write to it at 709 Mission St., San Francisco 3, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editor,

The latest sighting of many has taken place here where we look out over a wide stretch of valley, almost directly true north.

On the night of Jan 13 my daughter Beth states that she came awake at 2 a.m., also her 12-year old son and the 10-year-old who usually cannot be waken even at school time! Over her house and out over the valley came a white lighted object, sparkling like a July 4th sparkler, more dense at its center, moving away out over the valley until it seemed, in line with the magnetic north, to go behind the far hills. It was only a few moments in sight, passing through about 45 per cent of sky. It seemed about moon size.

Beth and her boys and visitors have had many sightings over a number of years out. over this valley, but me-the oldest looker, 72, and on the watch since 1948-I have had only one sighting. It was on July 4, 1958, at 9:30 p.m., north of west. A bright white object apparently close to a mountain top that waxed and waned and moved in a vertical line, just a little, then faded out. It was seen by the above and two others also, and the car wouldn’t start until it went! (as usual). AND on the 14th my other daughter told me she and a circle of folks seated on the floor about a half mile from here had set themselves to create and launch a saucer by thought. They “felt” they had done it. This was on the night. of the 13th, 8 to 10 P.M.!


Harold E. Roy

P.O. Box 164,

Ben Lomond, Calif.

APRIL, 1962                                17

book reviews

That Man May Know Of Heaven and Hell

by Gerald H. Lowry

Having completed his worldwide mission trip (see Understanding Magazine, June, 1961), Gerald Lowry had a feeling he should try to make the Book of Revelations in the Bible more understandable by applying the symbolic meanings to many of the words.

After much studying and encountering the problem of the symbolic interpretation of the four beasts in Chapter four, he felt that he would have to give up the project, when this book was revealed to him by telepathic communication.

The prologue begins, “This commentary is revealed to give man an individual awareness of his responsibility to God.” Then step by step each chapter and verse of the Book of Revelations unfolds. The beautiful and moving epilogue explains in detail the process of creation. This is not a book for light reading, but one to be studied and assimilated. (The book’s price is $3.50.)

Peg Ham, Merlin, Ore.

——— ♦ ———


(Quotes which have stood the test of time.)

The great danger in evaluating international relations today is that is impossible to tell for sure whether the current dictators of the world are smart men who are only bluffing, or homicidal maniacs who mean what they say.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


ONCE UPON A TIME, when the world was torn by the agony of the Great. War, a city by the name of Washington believed that the power of prayer would end the War. Therefore, it blew sirens, it rang the church bells, to call the people to silent prayer at noon, and the men who directed the sinews of war-men who sat up late into the night because there was never time to do all that they had to do to help their Allies in the bloody battlefields across the sea-these men stopped at noon for two minutes to pray, believing in prayer, believing in the power of united thought.

And the men and women of the city stopped with them; that busy, hurried city became quiet, silent, filled with Peace.

There are those who cannot forget the beauty and power of that united thought for Peace.

These believe that men need not wait for the bloody agony, to use that power which is the divine spirit in every human soul. Therefore, do they remind us that you and I, Beloved, whatever we are, whatever we do, may join, as then, in a silent daily noon thought for that united spirit of mankind which knows no divisions of nation or faith, but is free, and full of the joy of fellowship.

Many are there who have heard the message, and all around the world they are creating by the power of their thought that unity which we all in our souls desire.

When the noon hour strikes in successive countries and the world turns toward the sun, our united thought becomes an ever-flowing river of music, harmonizing the souls of men.

O, Almighty Spirit, fill our hearts with eternal love and Peace!

-Submitted by Countess Elsa de Pierrefeu

——— ♦ ———


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world?

Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape

APRIL, 1962                                19

“circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and well list you here too.

Tape respondents:

William Dyer, 30-22 Main, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

John F. Maxfield, P.O. Box 526, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.A.

Mrs. M. E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., U.S.A.

Charles O. Rhoades, 2856 N.W. 18 St., Okla. City 7, Okla., U.S.A.

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S.A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

bulletin board

New Unit

A group at Sayre, Pennsylvania has become Understanding’s 51st unit in the United States. Marian E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., is the president. Other officers are Frank Watts, vice president; Marie Foster, secretary; Frank X. Nigl, treasurer. Sayre is near the Pennsylvania-New York border and many of the new unit’s members come from Waverly, N. Y.

A new unit also has been established in Fresno, Calif. Details will be announced soon.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

News of Other Units

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Unit # 9 elected officers during February. Mrs. Al Strong is moderator; Karl Schaaf, assistant moderator; Connie Schaaf, recording secretary, and Perle Johnson, treasurer and corresponding secretary.

BALTIMORE, Md., Unit #10 is meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the community hall in the East Point Shopping Center.

INGLEWOOD, Calif., unit #15 held a get-acquainted social evening during February. A tape recording of a minister’s experience with UFO phenomena was played.

DETROIT, Mich., Unit. #28 recently elected the following officers: Donald Knight, 1145 Burns Rd., Milford, Mich., President; Dr. A. Rosetti, vice president; Sol Lewis, recording secretary; Clyde Trepanier, treasurer. Also on the board are Helen Trepanier and Rachel Fletcher.

MARIN COUNTY, Calif., Unit #31 heard a talk by Steele M. Goodman, president of Sacramento Unit #46 during February. The topic was “The Science of Being in the New Age.”

TWIN CITIES, unit #41: Dr. Johanna Van Poperin, unit president, has written a special Understanding initiation ceremony, which recently was used in inducting nine new members.

The unit is also working at setting up other units in the state of Minnesota.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Unit #46 has started publishing a very impressive printed newsletter including many tidbits of information about unit activities and inspirational stories. Dan Fry spoke for this unit during March at the start of a speaking tour which took him around the country to; drop in on many of Understanding’s units.

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Unit #50 presented George Cardinal Le Gros speaking on “Your Birth Sign and What It Means in Your Life” during February. This new unit has put out some very nice looking literature to advertise its meetings.

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