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VOL. IV                                         November, 1959                                        No. 11



During the recent visit of Premier Khruschev to the United States, he issued a challenge which has placed this country in a position of acute embarrassment. In short, the Soviet leader challenged the United States to accept a mutual program of immediate and total disarmament guaranteed by the right of unlimited inspections by both sides.

The wily premier knew that the United States could not possibly accept such a proposal no matter how sincere the offer, and he also knew that we could never satisfactorily explain to the rest of the world the reasons why we could not accept it. The reasons, of course, are simple and well known to everyone who thinks, but because of the habits of hypocrisy which have become an integral part of international politics, it is seldom that a country can officially admit the true reasons for its acts.

We cannot accept a program of immediate and total disarmament, no matter how seriously it may be offered, because more than 60 per-cent of all the billions upon billions of our federal tax dollars are presently being spent for armaments. A very large percentage of our total national effort and ‘gross national product’ is devoted in one way or another to the preparation for war. If we should suddenly bring all of this work to a halt, we would precipitate our economy into an abyss of depression, the like of which has never been experienced in this country. Yet if we publicly admit this obvious fact, the Soviets can reply scornfully that this demonstrates the basic weakness of Capitalism.

Our only real weakness in this respect is simply that we have been so industriously preparing for war that we have made no preparations for the possible sudden outbreak of peace. Khruschev is well aware of this regrettable fact and has made use of it to embarrass us before the world.

Another reason that we cannot accept a program of total disarmament lies in the fact that total disarmament of both sides Would throw the balance of power to the side which possessed numerical superiority, and in this respect we would be at a tremendous disadvantage.

It is true that if the Soviets disarmed completely they would probably lose some of their number which have been held in political bondage by the use or the threat of force, but we have, at present, no reliable means of determining how great this number would be. Therefore, we dare not risk a situation which might leave us greatly outnumbered, particularly in view of the fact that the Soviet Union has developed a system of propaganda dissemination which is larger and more efficient than ours. They can convince more people with falsehoods than we can convince with truth. The only solution to our present dilemma is to institute an immediate and intensive program of preparation for peace.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Take away the banquet feast,

The succulent duck and candied fruits,

Break the goblet and let the wine turn pale,

But feed my famished, orphan soul.

Let me hear words that I have never heard,

Give me books and scholars’ time worn thoughts,

Let my mind trickle over virgin paths,

Untrod by hearts that cannot see,

Then I will gorge and rest at last,

‘My imprisoned self will then be free.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

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Cleve Twitchell, Reporting


-Contact Urged by Scientist-

(From Pasadena, Calif., Independent, Nov. 19, 1959)

More than 400 top scientists listened last night as another top scientist told them he has little doubt that life exists on other planets. And Fred Hoyle, introduced in the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel as the world’s most controversial astronomer, recommended that scientists had better get busy trying to contact space people.

Speaking before the third national Infrared Information Symposium, the visiting Caltech professor said the “rise of scientific development is already showing signs of slackening”. . .

He suggested establishing contact with other planets in the hope more advanced knowledge may be gained from more intelligent beings.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


NEW YORK, Nov. 22 (UPI)-Cock your sharpest ears, earthling scientist! This is the urging of two of their number who by logical reasoning conclude that creatures on some planet thousands of billions of miles away may be bombarding cosmic space with “anyone-around-besides-us?” messages.

Dr. Guiseppe Coccini and Philip Morrison of Cornell University reasoned that because we earthlings are where we are, there should be other creatures somewhere else in the vast cosmos. These other creatures could reason the same way and conclude they couldn’t be alone in the universe.

And they might have both the curiosity and the technology to try to prove it. This technology would involve powering and directing intelligible messages over distances measurable only in light years on the off-chance that they’d be picked up.


One light year is approximately 6 trillion miles. Earth’s technology is incapable of covering anything even approaching that distance. Bu` logical reasoning suggests creatures of another world could. Anyway, the scientists added, we do have the know-how to pick up cosmic messages. Frequently we ought to be looking for them.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Eugene. Ore., Register-Guard, Nov. 2, 1959)

A brilliant cigar-shaped object which lighted up the Lookout Paint area early Sunday morning is believed to have been the planet Venus but had a number of observers wondering if it could be an object from outer space.

State police were called at 3:35 a.m. that the bright object had been sighted over the hillside north of Dexter Lake, 19 miles southeast of Eugene.

Harry Swank, deputy sheriff. and Floyd Sisson, state policemen, reported seeing the object from Oakridge. A Southern Pacific railroad crew also made a similar observation near Lowell.

State Police Officer AI Lindley, and Alan Albrich, state policemen, checked out the reports. Lindley, who said the valley was overcast with fog, spotted what he called a cigar-shaped object of extreme brilliance about 1,000 feet above the north ridge of mountains over-looking the reservoir.

“It moved across Minnow Station, a mile west of Lookout Point Dam, and reflected across the entire width of the lake,” he said. There was no fog in that area, he added.

“The object was cigar-shaped and was extremely bright,” he said. “and it appeared about six or eight times longer than round.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


HONOLULU, Oct. 29 (AP) –A shiny, disc-like object was reported sighted moving at high speed over the Pacific Wednesday. It was in full view for several hours.

Weather Bureau observers here could not explain it. H. Dean Parry, chief meteorologist at Honolulu, said the disc was seen through a low power telescope from the airport weather station here.

Several residents on the island of Hawaii reported viewing the disc with the naked eye.

Raymond Businewski, weather bureau chief in Hilo, estimated, through triangulation calculations, the disc object moved at 11,000 feet altitude ever the Johnston Island area, about 1500 miles southwest of Hawaii.

No high altitude weather balloons were known to be in the area. Parry said the disc moved too fast across the sky to have been a planet.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 1:3 (AP)-Discovery of the first real evidence that conditions exist in space for the development of life was claimed today by a University of California scientist.

Dr. Melvin Calvin, a chemist. said that new studies of meteorites revealed the existence of primitive molecules believed to be the first step toward life itself. He told of his discovery at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology seminar.

A 2-lb. meteorite found in Murray County, Ky., was credited with Providing the first real evidence of the existence of so-called “fossil chemicals.”

These simple, primitive molecules no longer exist on Earth, except in the meteorites, Dr. Calvin said. In the course of millions and millions of years of the development of life the primitive molecules were used up in the formation of more complex molecules.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


LOS ANGELES, March 14, 1959-(UPI)-Singer Marian Anderson says Understanding is the key to the world’s future-if there is to be a future at all.

Miss Anderson, recently appointed a United Nations delegate, said that through her world travels she found that the chief bar to cooperation and friendship between peoples is a lack of Understanding.


Excerpts from A TRIP IN THE NIGHT

by John Wesley Root

Every result operates from a definite cause, and this cause is often not apparent to those most affected, for it always operates from the invisible. It is conceived as IDEA and always manifests according to the quality and power applied. Even when the basic quality is in error, the force continues to act IN THAT ERROR CAPACITY, just as long as the originating individual, and all followers of that error, and all spectators of that error, or believers, or acceptors, continue to pour their God power from their own God Lives into it and sustain it.

It is thus that customs are established, community practices solidified into habits and race consciousness enlivened. It is not necessary for an individual to originate an idea, a practice, or a custom to share in its benefits, or come under the baleful influence of its destroying or atrophying power.

Note the customary orthodox idea of the saving power of the man Jesus. How by simple believing in him, sins (errors) are forgiven, and all the trash thoughts and feelings and practices and problems of ‘he past or present can be dumped on his shoulders, and the ‘sinner’ be cleansed and go free. This deadening doctrine alone has kept millions of people from finding themselves and proceeding as God Beings should. They, perhaps, have never seen Jesus, certainly not in their embodiment, but they accept this human concept as TRUTH, and so reap the result, not knowing they can turn away from it at any moment and find the freedom they seek, for it has always been within themselves.

Just so, many beliefs, customs, superstitions and fears are fastened upon a people, being long drawn out shadows of an idea. The idea has become lost or forgotten in antiquity. but the shadow is still worshipped. If our activities were checked, an astonishing number of them will be found to leave the Self of God out entirely, or even attempt to compress the wholeness of God into a mere concept, or outer activity, for which it has no affinity.

We do this. because the Joneses do it. We buy that, because the styles deem it proper. We play golf, not so much to get open air exercise (we could mow the lawn and get that), as to win the game and be complimented. We accumulate wealth, not so much to manifest God Power, as to get the thrill out of making money, or setting tip a security for our old age, when our faith in supply is lessened. We work a crossword puzzle not to get mental exercise so much as because it affords a challenge to our mental power. Even so-called enlightened people still cling to some of them: say-believing that if we get the feet wet the throat will get sore. And, it very often does. Not, however, because of the moisture, but because of the acceptance of the idea, even though not intentionally or even knowingly. No one has yet put it over that if we wash the neck the feet will get sore, though it is not one whit mere absurd.

Some accept that a ‘,jinx’ is following them, or that they were born under an unlucky star, or on the wrong side of the tracks, or with certain unalterable characteristics-and so it is just too bad. Some-times in ignorance we say, ‘Well, that’s the way I am, so there’s nothing can be done about it.’

Fear, perhaps, is the greatest element entering into all these limitations- hear to stand out from others; fear to change; fear of hunger; fear of being alone; fear of traffic; fear of breaking precedent; fear of a thousand and one things that are all false concepts set up as OPPOSED to God, brazen images which are set up and worshipped, leaving but a ghost-god ideal. When these are analyzed it is easily discernable how fear besets, and finally overtakes the individual. ‘The things I feared have come upon me.’ All these thwart facile perfection, and cause the recompensing quality of Divine Justice to be siphoned off into mere drivel, holding the individual in a bondage that prevents conscious expansion.

Almost as great as fear is the dwarfing power of belief. ‘I believe this,’ ‘I do not believe that.’ Belief is always based on supposition, and supposition is the result of fragmentary information. Belief is acceptance without consideration of TRUTH. A thing is either true or it is false, and the truth or falsity of it is not dependent upon what is believed about it.

Advertising, as it is used today in the Western World is a great stumbling block to individual initiative, because it sways into belief by the power of persuasion rather than the truth involved. Note the great advertising campaigns of so-called curative drugs. They are expertly conducted and sweep into their jaws thousands, who because of the idea within themselves that they need to be cured of something, perhaps wholly imaginary, give power to the drug, and a testimonial of its healing properties to the promoter. Look around you carefully and you may be surprised at some of the things you believe which you are totally unaware of entertaining at all. It may be anything from refusing to take a bath until Saturday night to the acceptance of a great blind force filling the Universe opposed to God.

From quite intimate and close contact over a long period of time our ancestors called this force `sin’ for short, and attributed its control to an imaginary Devil. Modern personages have outgrown the sin-devil. idea, having transformed it into the Sinister Force, an equally formidable foe. Having recognized this foe, the result is fear of its activity, and God is called upon to annihilate this monster in our midst, this thing that has been accepted in opposition to God. And it is believed that sometimes it gives God a tussle. It is used as a power to support our shortcomings, as a reason why we stray from the straight and narrow path, and as an excuse for our imperfections. All, these are but beliefs lodged in our minds only.

Through idle thoughts and feelings, and careless words, which carry but little power of themselves, ofttimes the individual is led into negative habits that prevent the necessary force from being upended when the time is proper to act. Since thought is the power of God flowing through the individual, and that power is absorbed by negligence, the result is sometimes startling.

How many times is it carelessly said, ‘I don’t think this’ or ‘I don’t think that,’ until the activating principle has been lost in ‘I don’t think,’ period? A perfectly good statement is sometimes prefaced with ‘1’m afraid.’ I am afraid that is true. I am afraid I cannot do that. I am afraid I cannot be there. I am afraid I do not understand. Again, the motivating principle has become lost in a fear consciousness.

Sometimes when questioned beyond our immediate ken, the answer is, ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t know this. I don’t know that, until the feeling creeps over the individual that he does not know much of anything, because the path to knowledge has become blocked and knowing does 8

not come natural because it would not be known whether we know or know not.

Many of our greetings and salutations evoke a negative answer, because they imply a neutral or negative response. W e ask an individual how he is, knowing that he is a God Being, know also he is PERFECT. Furthermore the query as to how we are is answered with ‘Pretty Good.’ Now, does this mean pretty, or does it mean good? When the two terms are combined the implication is just a passing condition, and in it we acknowledge imperfection-opposed to God.

Most of us would dislike very much to be blind-to have our eyesight fail and shut out the beautiful things there are to be seen. We would consider it a major tragedy. YET, unthinkingly and even unknowingly we do just that. Friends and relatives are not immune to this sightless conduct. They are nice, but we shut out. the niceness of their Self of God by some insinuation. He is grand, but-and we go blind to his grandness and grope around through our concept of his limitations.. ‘Lo mine eyes are too pure to behold iniquity’ does not bother us much.

The reason we are enabled to see faults and shortcomings in those about us is not that we may criticize and condemn, but that there may be aroused within us a definite resolve to overcome such faults and shortcomings within ourselves, for we would take no note of them if their quality was not present within ourselves. If they were not, then there would be no attraction to bring them to our attention.

All we are, be it good or evil, of riches or lack, we have definitely attracted to ourselves by the quality expression of our inner conscious-ness. And so, Divine Justice is administered, not by some far off God, not by a tribunal of Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings, not by some vague power outside ourselves, but by the Great Self of God within, which we ARE.

So great has been the intention, perhaps, if not the actual effort to rid ourselves of our seeming imperfections, that we have tied them to us by our constant contemplation. So, in that comprehension, ‘.et u know that everything we contact in those about us or in the circum-stances surrounding us is GOOD, for in such contact we learn more thoroughly of the God within, and acknowledge Him as the Giver, the Gift and the Receiver.


Muriel Erlewine.

Organizer of Needles Unit No. 21

The Woman’s Club in Needles, Calif.

meeting place of the Needles Unit.

Dan Fry addressing audience Nov. 21 at Needles, Calif.



Understanding has achieved a 33 percent increase in membership since mid-September.

Four new units also have been gained during the past two and a halt’ months. Canada Unit No. 1, New Westminister, B. C., came in during October, while November brought a rush of three new Units: Unit No. 24 in Needles, Calif.; Unit No. 25 in San Jose, Calif. (the San Jose Cosmic Observers) : and Unit No. 26 in Eugene, Ore. These in addition to Canada Unit No. 1 brings the total number of Units of Understanding to 27.

The largest Unit in Understanding is Oakland No. 3, followed closely by Pasadena No. 12 and Santa Cruz No. 9. The other Units are also steadily expanding both in membership and interest.


Founder and President Dan Fry, accompanied a delegation on Sunday, Nov. 22, to Needles, Calif., where he gave an hour talk, followed by a two hour stimulating discussion period, for a small but interested group of persons in this desert town on the California-Arizona border. Unit No. 24 is being organized there by Muriel Erlewine. (See pictures on opposite page.)

New Unit No. 25, already known as the San Jose Cosmic Observers, has ten charter members. New officers are being elected but the current corresponding secretary is Ethel Palm. Unit No. 26 in Eugene, Oregon, has nine charter members. The president is Esther Leinbach and the secretary, Lois Barton. Greetings are also extended to Canada Unit No. 1 of New Westminister, British Columbia, which is under the direction of Herbert Peter of Burnaby.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Watch this page each month for news of membership in Understanding and reports on the new Units which are being organized. Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort to understand another’s beliefs, practices and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them.




(The following is a letter received by Hope Troxell from Bill Yaryan, a charter member of the Pasadena Unit who is now a student at the University of California at Berkeley, Calif.)

I think you might like to know what the attitude toward war is on the campus of the University of California.

“U. C.” requires compulsory attendance of ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) by university men during their first two years of college. Because “U.C.” is a land-grant college, it must offer ROTC in its curriculum but it does not have to be compulsory. It has been this way since the late 1880’s when it was first established.

Two weeks ago, Fred Moore, a freshman mathematics student from Virginia, announced to the world that he could not allow himself to be trained for legalized murder; that following his conscience, he could not take ROTC. Fred had petitioned the University before his admittance and asked that he be excused from this requirement on the grounds that he was a conscientious objector. No word was heard from the higher-ups. Five weeks after school had opened, they told Fred that he must take the course or be dismissed from the University.

Hearing this and knowing the inevitable outcome, Fred decided to make a witness to the University and to the world. He placed himself on the steps to the Administration building and declared that he was taking a seven day fast to emphasize the strength of his feelings. During this time, he would have a petition on hand for students to sign who felt as he did. Fred did not last the 7 days but his petition did. Over 1,300 people placed their signatures on the paper, signifying that they supported him.

I think the background to Fred’s plea is also important. He decided upon his belief outside of the bounds of organized religion. Fred, as a striking example to all young people, examined the ideas of all systems of religious thought and came out with the opinion that war was wrong and that preparing for war, as in ROTC, was also wrong. Not conforming as so many of us do, he stuck up for his beliefs even to the expense of being expelled from his chosen University and perhaps his chosen ambition. How many of us would support our beliefs with action as Fred did?

Fred’s decision was based on the evidence of war. His father is a high official in the Pentagon. On hearing of Fred’s stand he only said that his son must do as he believes. His father flew out to see him and consequently took him home, but it was not because of this that Fred did not complete his fast. A note he left behind stated that his purpose was accomplished, that he believed the students were behind him.

The students were behind him. As a result of his stand, rallies were held and additional names were signed to the petition which the president of the student body, Dave Armour, handed to the Regents when they met the following weekend. At the close of this meeting, they announced that a new system of voluntary ROTC was being drawn up.

I think it is significant that so many students supported Fred; not because they wanted to get out of a boring class but because they believed with him, that war is wrong and that preparing for war is also wrong. The names on the petition included many officers and enlisted men, some of them having served in the Korean War. These men certainly know the bloody consequence of legalized murder.

The follow-up to Fred’s stand was also heartening. The next week-end, a group of students met in the University YMCA to hold the first “Acts for Peace” conference, sponsored by Bob Pickus, the author of “Speak Truth to Power,” a Quaker pamphlet on conscientious objection. The meeting was well attended and plans were held for activities leading to positive action for the abolition of war. Five exchange students from Russia were on hand and, in spite of political differences, they strongly supported the movement and offered their own help. j          Following the meeting, they told of similar meetings held among students in the Soviet Union.

Young people do want peace. The younger generation does not consist entirely of “beatniks.” With examples like Fred Moore’s and groups like “Acts for Peace,” perhaps our government will come to the conclusion that we, the people, do not support legalized murder nor the preparation for it. “U.C.’s” activities are certainly a step in the right direction.

– Bill Yaryan


(Following are excerpts from a letter written by Rev. W. S. Mowery of Tipp City, Ohio, to Hope Troxell, Dan Fry, and other contactees who attended the AFSCA Convention last July.)

One of the men who attended the Convention was a retired Presbyterian minister Dr. John Carrothers of Pasadena, Calif. After the convention, he met me, and after talking for some time, he wrote out a resolution he wished presented to a committee composed of minister of various faiths, who would interest the other ministers of all faiths, in the message and work of our Space Brothers, to men of Earth; and also to plan on the ministers having a part in the program at the next International Convention.

…I realize this is an entirely new phase in the Flying Saucer work, and it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of help from a lot of people. I really believe it is the only way we can get the information to the people, and if we can interest the ministers, regardless of race, creed or color, then we will start something worthwhile.

I have been lecturing on Flying Saucers for over ten years, and one of the things that I ran up against, was the feeling of helplessness in the fact that after the lecture, there was no method of really carrying on. The Clubs were good. but even the Clubs were not reaching enough people. If we can get the ministers interested, then things will begin to move. I also know from past experience, the attitude of some ministers to the idea of Flying Saucers, but I also know that many more are sincerely interested. These are the ones we must depend upon.

In this new work, we will need new material that will deal especially with the social and religious phases of the work. We are going to have to depend for a lot of that material on those speakers who have first-hand knowledge of the Space People and their messages. Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated.

Let me hear from you, and tell me what you think of this new phase, and what your suggestions might be about getting the message out to the ministers and to the churches.


Rev. W. S. Mowery

RR 2-Evanston Rd.

Tipp City, Ohio



by Sam Ritchie

This is reprinted from May 1937 issue of Understanding by request of many readers

One of the things sadly lacking in the people of the planet earth is the understanding of one another. Most of us do not even understand ourselves. We have never asked, “Who am I, where am I, and where am I going?”

Basically, this question is one of the most important on this plane of consciousness. The correct answers to this question can give you a foundation upon which all your thoughts and actions can be built, no matter what your race or creed.

You know, I believe most of us outgrow the habit of asking `why’ at far too early an age. When we are very little we almost drive our parents wild asking `why this’ and `why that.’ Then in later years we acquire the attitude that asking `why’ is a childish habit. Our parents help to bring some of this about by not knowing the answers themselves.

Consider a simple example: Why does a baby cry so loudly from just, a little bump and when the child grows older he can stand ten times the blow? The answer is simple when we learn that the baby’s nerve endings are closer to the surface of the skin and he feels the pain more than when the nerve endings have been padded with flesh as he grows older.

How many of us read the Bible and ask why Jesus lived the way he did, and why Gautama (the Buddha) and Laoste, Confucius, Mohammed and all the other `Sons of God’ acted and thought the way they did. Any orthodox church will give you this answer: It is the better way of life, the right way. of life. Yes, they are correct, but the reason goes much deeper than that.

These Sons of God (Supreme Energy) were merely living according to Natural or Universal Law. When Jesus walked on the water, people said, “It is a miracle!” but there was no miracle performed. Jesus knew the Law of Levitation. When He said, “Turn the other check,” it wasn’t that He was afraid to fight. He knew that Nature is always trying to maintain a balance. If a person strikes you, he is negative. One negative thought or action added to another does not produce a balance. In fact it swings the situation out of balance. As the proverb says, “If you stir mud with mud, you just end up with more mud.” When Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” He was balancing the negative thoughts with a positive. He used the most powerful force in the world. Natural Power. By all of His actions Jesus was trying to have us understand that we are Infinite Spiritual Beings, evolving to be like unto Him. He said, “These things that I do, ye shall do also and even greater things.”

Gautama, the Buddha, another Son of Supreme Energy, taught us the oneness of life. He taught that there is only one life stream flowing throughout all of existence. That spark of Supreme Energy at the core of us, is at the core of the insect, the bird, the animal and all creation. The only difference is in the degree of enlightenment.

We, as Infinite Spiritual Beings, have no limitations except those we have made or are making for ourselves. Do not bind yourself to any one book, or any one blaster, to any one teaching. The truth is in everyone and in everything.

Plato was a very advanced thinker. He studied all philosophies o: this earth and found that all philosophy is based on Natural Law. Learn to choose the Natural Law and reject all man made dogma. Remember, only Natural Law can help you because that is the only law under which you live and you cannot escape it. When you disregard Natural Law, you harm only yourself by contracting karmic debts which you eventually will have to pay. Remember, Nature is entirely just. Jesus taught us that as you sow, so shall you reap, and the Buddha said, “We live under the law of cause and effect,” both Masters telling us that as we live, we either progress or retrogress. We cannot stand still. Our direction is up to us.

Where are we? We are on the planet earth. Our brothers from other planets in our solar system call it the planet Shan. Call it what you will. Names do not mean much as they are only symbols of expression.


Our Infinite Spiritual Self asked to come back to this planet to learn more of the lessons of this life. The real self is what spurs you on and gives you the desire to make life worthwhile.

Buddha said, “The Hierarchies above are always reaching down to help those below.” Those on the plane of consciousness above are reaching down to help those of us on the plane below. Those who have eyes to see ships in our skies today, and ears to hear what these people are saying, know that the enlightened ones are teaching Natural Law. They are coming here to help us if we will just listen.

Where are we going? We are on the path to become masters of ourselves and then eventually masters of all things. Now as we walk along the path we must strive to walk in the middle in order to keep balance. Veer too far to the right or left and you will find yourself ip trouble. A good tool to take along with us as we travel is this: Thoughts are things. Send out good thoughts and good will come back to you. This is the Golden Rule in operation, and if we follow it our path will be much smoother.

Gather all the Knowledge that the Sons of God in the past, and those coming here to the planet today, have given us and analyze it. Then ask ‘why?’ In this way we will have a real understanding of ourselves, and others. We will also gain an understanding of who we are and where we are going as well as why. Perhaps we are heading in the wrong direction; if so, let’s make the necessary “U” turn now!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.

-W. C. Field,

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

One of the best things to have up your sleeve is a funny bone.




Everyone is called upon to adjust himself to certain persons and situations, for there are many differences of viewpoint, of aspiration, of taste, of disposition. In our home, at our work, wherever we may find our self, we can adjust our self happily to our world. The secret of such adjustment is to learn to look beyond the things that seem difficult to approve of or understand to the good that is surely present.

When we approach an experience with love and understanding we move through it poised and content, we contribute something substantial and helpful to it, and we gain understanding and wisdom from it.

The practice of looking for something good in every person and in every situation creates a flexibility of mind and openness of heart that enables us to make adjustments without resistance or struggle; that inspires us to minimize the failings or shortcomings of others; that helps us to keep faith in the divine idea that underlies all.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


by Flo Twitchell

The following are books that are available through Understanding Headquarters.

FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU-Howard Menger ……………………. $4.50

An actual account of visits of people from outer space beginning when the author was ten years old to the present day. Illustrated with several photographs, this book stresses that the outer space beings are truly our Brothers, not to be feared, but to be treated with respect, love and understanding.

Sensitively written, “From Outer Space to You” is a most inspirational story.

COUNCIL OF THE SEVEN LIGHTS — George van Tassel ……………………. $3.50

A literal book of knowledge on the scientific aspect of spaceships, of atmospheric conditions and of religion as applied to science.

With numerous scale drawings to illustrate polarity and vortices, “Council of the Seven Lights” is a technical and philosophical work.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Clint Cary, a new contactee who tells of exotic life and advanced peoples on a planet larger than our Sun, spoke before Pasadena Unit No. 12 and El Monte Unit No. 1 during November and Orange Unit No. 7 during December.

An artist by profession, Cary is a quiet man of normal appearance. Rut when he stands on the lecture podium to tell of “My Physical Experience on Rillispore,” he reveals details of two trips to this far-off planet “so vast and fantastically beautiful that it staggers the imagination.”

Cary says that he never intended to become an artist until one day in 1930 while a trombone player in Mexico City he underwent what he termed a mystical experience during which he was “commanded” to start painting. He had never painted before, at least not in this lifetime.

Today his paintings hang in San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum. He has had exhibits in New York and in galleries about the Los Angeles area, and he is considered a leading U.S. artist.

Art figures heavily in Cary’s talks, as he unveils two or more “meta-telepathic” luminous paintings which when enhanced with a blue light are three-dimensional, often appear to move and have other unusual effects on audiences.

Hope Troxell of headquarters is handling lecture arrangements for Cary. Those wishing to host him as a lecturer are invited to contact Hope at Pox 22, Station C., Pasadena, Calif.


SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2-Members of Unit No. 2 hear a talk by James Velasquez of Santa Ana, Calif., on Nov. 20. The topic was “Dangers of Misinterpretation of the Bible.”

VISTA, Unit No. 4-George Hunt Williamson was the Vista Unit’s October speaker with his illustrated lecture “The City That Existed Before the Moon.” On Nov. 21 Michael “X” Barton lectured on “Venn:; Wants You.” The group elected new officers recently with R. A. Crichton, president; Albert Rose, vice president; Rosa Rose, treasurer: Martha Sheppard, corresponding secretary, and Norma Powell, recording secretary.

POMONA, Unit No. 5–Dr. Joseph Larson, Pasadena teacher of metaphysics and spiritual philosophy, spoke to the Pomona Unit Nov. 17 on “Harmonizing and Cooperating with Our Space Brothers.” Dr. Larson is the author of a number of booklets dealing with cosmic consciousness.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12-Elections were held during November with Lloyd Newlin, director general of headquarters, elected president of the Pasadena Unit. Other new officers are Sam C. Ritchie, vice president; Peter Troxell, secretary, and “Mrs. H. A. McDonald, treasurer.

Brooklyn, Unit No. 14-The Brooklyn unit reports that it has a. “Understanding” banner made of block letters on 7-inch cardboard square, strung together with string. The banner hangs behind the speaker’s table at the Unit’s public meetings. President Marianna Best also reports that the group maintains a collection of clippings, convention posters, etc., on a bulletin board that is displayed at each meeting. “Understanding, the Road to Peace” is the group’s slogan.

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15–Understanding Founder and President Dan Fry addressed a large audience celebrating the first anniversary of the Inglewood Unit. Dan spoke on “The Three Sciences,” showing the necessity for maintaining the proper relationship and balance between the material, social and spiritual sciences. The Inglewood Unit also has held elections, with President Lee Yates reelected for a second term. Dr. Nathan Sears is vice president: Barbara Yates, secretary, and Clarence Gahlbeck, treasurer.




a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

many shall be called, by marke Norman….. 2.00

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.25

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

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STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

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SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

soarings of the eagle, by john mccoy……… 1.25

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


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