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Vol. II                                             September, 1957                                       No. 9


One of the prime sources of newspaper headlines in this country today is the terrifying scourge known as Asiatic Flu, which is, at last, beginning to make its appearance in a few of our cities. Its approach to our shores has been heralded by more and better advance publicity than any coming event in recent history.

It all began a couple of months ago, when a news item suddenly appeared on our news wire services. The item described a “new type of flu virus which is sweeping the countries of Asia.” It added that “medical authorities considered it certain that the disease would become epidemic throughout the United States during the fall months of this year. Fortunately,” the item went on, “a remedy• has already been found. A serum has been developed which may well immunize us all from this new and virulent type of flu. It is hoped that the shots will be available for every-one in the country before the disease makes its appearance here.”

At the time of reading this first item your editor’s only reaction was that medical science has indeed become efficient when it can develop a serum for a new disease before that disease has even become known to the public. A few days ago, however, the writer came upon a passage in a hook. which seemed to fit the situation so perfectly that it could hardly be a coincidence. The book is by James R. Nickum, and is called, “Get Well, Stop Doddering.” The passage is found on page 146 and is as follows: “Another way, of instilling fear is through scareheads and a great hullabaloo by the newspapers-instigated by the doctors–which sweeps over the country now and again, of dire calamity approaching our shores from across the sea, or that is claimed to have already gained a foothold within our borders. The awfulness of what may happen is pictured, quarantine is suggested; and the result is-as was intended-the populace is thrown into a fright. The more they are scared, the easier they become a prey, the more telephones jingle. automobiles honk and rush, and horsemen gallop madly over the country for the doctors.”

The interesting thing about this quote is that although it sounds as though it had been written especially for the present occasion, it was, in fact, written forty years ago, in 1917.

The `Asiatic Flu’ is now sweeping the country just as tire ordinary home grown variety does every year at this time and, strangely enough, the symptoms and duration of the two diseases appear, statistically, to he identical, even to the very small percentage of cases which develop fatal complications.

And so the wheel goes `round and round’ and each time we forget what happened on the last revolution.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Dogma is the result of what Professor Sumner called the innate laziness of human nature, whereby each generation takes for granted the conclusions of the generation past merely to save trouble.

-Ellwood Hendrick



Many thousand years comprise an eon, and included in this time, are millions of cycles …. some over!apping to such an extent, that progress is slow.

Happy is the race which learns from Divine Thought, for here the cycles extend, and overlap but little.

Earth races are not so…. for they have lost the art of calling and getting…. for when aims are selfless, support is at hand. Comprehension of love causes the true cyclic travel through levels of attunement …. and so, of course, a better plane of existence.

‘When life is extended upward in thought, the true growth surpasses all previous ways.

Sometime before the eon closes, man see this element of need…. and when he falls on his knees in simple humility…. his cycle grows. .. Levels of cycles are in accord with thought….

Low Cycles are muscular, earthy, and closely overlapping in a narrow plane, with no rise from the matter level.

The higher one reaches the better view into serene cycles, and bigger are these curves, or life spans with less overcrowding of events.

Now, as we lift the veil, so to speak, we cover the material view with clouds of higher ethers …. our life span endures for ages and all cycles are a pure ellipse of continuous travel….

All comes clean as this eon closes, and they who are prepared for future service are lifted, (as your Bible teaches)…. to a higher cycle… . and also therefore to a faster vibratory rate …. for each cycle contains its own rate of travel… .

The increase of cyclic vibrations increase with the levels or height of thought attainment…. until the vibratory rate becomes a steady beam of light such as God, Jesus, and the Angels, show.

Earth’s rate o f travel has been slow. . . . and slow attunement, also the result. Yet not, as earth begins its transit into upper cycles. men of of higher attunement care close, even to their Presence, where a purpose can be achieved.

The vibratory rate of a planet, or race, is predetermined in the cosmic plan, but man can and must attain his individual rise, by choice and as he assists his brothers also, he pulls his race or nation along the path of advancement in cosmic cycles.

Earth levels are beginning to change now…. and now come the near vibrations. For the great cosmic cycle is closing in this generation. Some have already attained into the fourth …. and some will climb nearer godly attunement, only by changing their individual cycle …. or as you say: … into death … which is life … to each of us, w-ho know the way. . . Only a better way is to be shown. with each new cycle…. for change is life. and life is advancement…. all through universe!

Thought, from the Divine Source. through whatever channels of material or etheric levels, can best reach you, is the only way of cosmic attainment…. ! All else is slow, and suffering.

Recorded by Hope Troxell



Luther H. Evans, Librarian of Congress

From the Appendix to the Library of Congress Information Bulletin

A curious poisoning of the historic spirit of America is taking place at the present time. Were I a psychiatrist I would attempt to diagnose this mental ill of our country which has done great damage to the American spirit at home and to the American reputation abroad, and which, at present reading, seems to threaten much greater damage. In a country which has been one of the few homes in the past two centuries of the spirit of freedom of the press and many other great freedoms, there is abroad in the land today a strong and ugly (and I fear, growing) movement for the destruction of certain of these freedoms. Naturally, the effort to destroy the freedom of speech and of the press is made in tile name of these and other freedoms themselves. For instance, the effort to destroy the freedom of the public to read in the Peoria Public Library is made in the name of an effort to prevent tire United Nations proposed Covenant On Human Rights from destroying tire US. Bill of Rights.

Thus we have a situation where the shrillest and most fear-ridden defenders of the Fill of Rights are themselves making specious arguments for the abridgment in spirit of the Bill of Rights itself. Surely this is an attitude of mind which calls for the attention of the best psychiatrists. There must be some deep-seated illness of the spirit, some boundless frustration or sense of guilt which causes Americans to do some of the things they are doing today.

The American public library is one of the great bulwarks of liberty and democracy- in this great land. It must remain a place where citizens can go to learn what is to be said for and against all of the proposals made on the great public issues of the day, issues which they either must. face or must. forfeit the claim to being good citizens. The drawing of lines against the study of this or that proposal, on the ground that it would poison the minds of the people, is abhorrent to the spirit on which this country is founded. Such a setting up of forbidden zones of thought must be fought to the death.

It is not a theoretical danger, this danger against which I am speaking. It is a real danger and it has caused many librarians throughout this land to chisel a bit on the doctrines by which they have lived in the past. The amount of that chiseling can never be known, because so much of the evidence is locked in the inner consciousness of frightened librarians. This book, that book, this pamphlet, that pamphlet, this motion-picture, that motion-picture is excluded from the selection because it is feared that some group in the community- suffering from the virus, suffer-ing from this illness of the American spirit, may be ready to pounce upon the librarian for choosing it. This poison must be counteracted promptly by brave people, and must be defeated. The complete antidote to the poison is to refuse to yield one inch of the hard-won earth of freedom. Americans must be brought to the realization that this country stands at an historic turning point in the development of world civilization, and that the responsibilities which have been thrust upon us by virtue of our size, our wealth, our efficiency. our adaptability• and our moral great-ness will lead us, on many occasions, into positions of great difficulty –here courage, where stability• of direction, where consistency of purpose are absolute requirements, and where we must not yield to the temptation of turning on our principles and devouring them because we have met with difficulties or been exposed to a confusion of counsel.

The experts in vituperation, the sadists of freedom, are abroad in the land, and they are having a hey-day of it. We must learn not to fear them. We must show them tip for what they really are. They are really cowards who are unwilling to live the American dream.



BY Peace Pilgrim

A being from another world parked his space ship in an isolated spot, and after he had made a preliminary survey, he opened his notebook and Wrote: “I find myself on the planet Earth. It is inhabited by a creature which looks very much like we do and is called man.”

The next morning the being from another world passed a military camp, where he saw men sticking knives fastened to odd-looking poles come to our planet soon enough so that tile survivors of our own civilization will not be forced to ask the same favor.

The third classification is made up of a few widely differing entities which have no particular resemblance to human beings. In some cases they appear to be animals of a type unknown on earth while others show evidence of being merely complex machines or robots.

A great deal of tile confusion which has attended the investigation of the UFO reports has resulted from the unconscious assumption that whatever is seen to emerge from these craft must perforce be the pilot thereof. The writer is reminded of the occasion of his first visit to Managua, Nicaragua. Immediately after the DC4 in which he had arrived had pulled off the runway at the airport, an ancient Ford tri-motor plane touched down and taxied to within a hundred feet of our plane. As soon as it came to a stop, two doors, much like the doors on a freight car, were rolled open from the inside. A short landing ramp slid out to the ground, and two donkeys nonchalantly descended the ramp, followed immediately by two peons, each carrying a crate of chickens. As soon as they had disembarked, the ramp was pulled back into the ship, the doors closed, and the plane taxied to the end of the runway and again took off.

To those who were familiar with the “universal taxi service” furnished by TACA (Transportes Aero Centro Americano) this was not an unusual sight, but an inexperienced visitor from another planet might have wondered whether donkeys, peons or chickens, were the actual pilots of the plane.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Wanted-Copy of “The Earth Dweller Returns” by Phylos. Write to Dr. L. C. Cannon, 537 Rio Hondo Dr., El Monte, Calif.

Are You Interested? “Project Outer Space” has plans for producing the true Flying Saucer picture. For more information contact Project Outer Space. 5880 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood ‘?8, Calif.

REINCARNATION-For books oil this fascinating subject by Cerminara, Huffman, Manly Hall, Dr. Salmon and others write to Golden Age Book Center, 10815 Venice Blvd.. Los Angeles. Calif.





Reprinted verbatim from (WO News Report, Yokahama Japan.

Mars closed very much, on September 7, last year, at least 30 people in Choshi City, Chiba Perfecture, spotted a flying saucer at about 7:30 p.m. The object was in view for approximately 3 seconds. It was no sound as traveled from the north-east to south-west, another report said the east to west of the city. Then, few minutes later, many mysterious metal-foils fall into tile city and around areas. In the next morning, lot of mystery metal-foils found in Choshi No. 4 Middle-school’s garden. It was tinfoil-like about 4-5 cm in length, width 1 mm. and 10 micron thick, all in same Size.

Mr. Masatoshi Takita, dentist of the city, who collecting this myster-ious metal-foils, after the reported by his son, and sent to the Japan Flying Saucer Research Association, Tokyo (is associate organization to our FSRG-J). This organization, has sent investigator Mr. Fumioshi Ishizu to Choshi City on the practical investigate and asked for analysis of them to The industry Promotion Association, Tokyo.

According to the after spectrum analysis investigation, the report said, it was mixed contain as Al, Pb., Si, Fe, Cu, and the second chemical analysis inspection when appeared 12.9 per cent of Pb on membraneous viniel and not found Pb in Al. It was did not found radioactive, however, burned to stain had malted in back of center. There aluminum-foil in-cluding Pb not yet produce in Japan, Mr. Kenjiro Yamanloto, chief study section of the Japan Light Metal Co. and Mr. K. Ohkawara, managing director of Tokai Metal Co., etc., experts of the Japanese light metal makers said.

Mr. Hideo Itokawa, Japanese rocket expert said that, “it was maybe for use radar track training or meteorological mission by the U. S. Security Forces.’ But, Meteorological Agency officials said that, “There object not yet used for meteorological mission by the American Forces and or, Japanese.”

Mr. Kinichi Arai, chief of JFSA, asked to U.S. Far East Air Forces Headquarters through the Major Lamour, air attaché, the American Embassy in Japan, on the analysis of this mysterious metal-foils. Few months later Mr. Arai received unofficial reply via phoned from the Embassy through the Japanese interpreter–only few words-“It was American.” He will added interrogate-what is was? .. for use?, however, interpreter said “no comment.” -Why? there worthless object is a military secret?, if used by American forces.

Of course, at the same time, U.S. Army’s firing range based at Toyoumi (coast-line), about 40 km south of Choshi City (now closed). The officials of the intelligence section, Air Staff Office of tire Japanese Defense Agency, told me that, “There metal-foils maybe used by American forces for radar track anti-air firing training, dropping from a plane Trough their rocket and or through anti-aircraft gun, and maybe this metal-foils scheduled to fall into the ocean. But, unfortunately, they are misdirect to weather data, when there metal-foils reached to Choshi City and around areas by a strong south or south-east wind.” It was something interesting view, however, Major Lamour, air attaché of the American Embassy stated that, “Toyouini firing range and or near areas no firing training on that day, September 7″ Recently we had just trained on September 0.” -What?

Japanese newspaper and weekly magazines reported this mystery case, but have not yet reach any official answer. Therefore, we asked to investigate and analysis for this case to Major Keyhoe, NICAP recently.

In Choshi City, being many saucers had observed was reportedly, and later another tinfoil-like mysterious objects fell in Tokyo, Nagova, Saitama, Niigata and Hokkaido. It was are true-what. do you think this mystery case?




Reprinted from TIME magazine. September 9, 1957.

People just wouldn’t believe him, decided the law professor, and so for nearly a year he kept his little secret Finally he let the word slip out to a friend. Last week all Brazil was abuzz about the reluctant claim of Joao de Freitas Guimaraes, 48. a wealthy, respected professor of Roman law at Santos’ Catholic University. Did the professor really take an hour-long whirl through outer space in a flying saucer?

As the professor tells it, he was lolling on the beach at Sao Sebastiao last summer after tidying up a messy inheritance case when suddenly a 60-ft. saucer appeared before him. The disk was about 1S ft. high and rested on a pawnshop-type landing gear of three balls. Two 6-ft. tall men got out of the saucer, and Guimaraes tried small talk in English, French. Spanish and Italian, but got no answer. Then the strangers started to transmit on the professor’s wave length. “They were communicating with tie telepathically,” he explains. “They were inviting me aboard.”

Once aboard, the saucerman (blond hair, green eyes, yellowish shoes) took the professor for a ride. When the saucer once vibrated sharply, one of his hosts reassured him telepathically: “Have no fear. We are leaving the atmosphere of your planet.” An hour later the saucer landed back on the beach. Guimaraes was politely deposited in a daze, and his new acquaintances whirled away.

After the story leaked out, reporters besieged the high-flying professor, and the Brazilian air force nervously put a fighter cover over the rendezvous beach. With a sigh, Guimaraes last week took to television to get the matter straight once and for all. But he refused to elaborate on his telepathic talk with the saucermen. ” it is wiser not to divulge it. The authorities know all the details.” Guimaraes’ TV lecture left many viewers convinced that lie had been in his cups rather than in a saucer. But as the hoots grew louder, friends and colleagues joined ranks around the wiry, balding professor, father of four, community pillar, model of rectitude. Summarized his faculty dean: “Every one is entitled to his own convictions, but nobody can make me believe Guimaraes is a liar or insane,”



Sighting Report By Bill Hamilton, Your Teen-Age Editor

It was approximately five months ago at about 10:15 P.M. I cannot remember the exact day but the night was clear and beautiful and stars were out. I was at the home of my close friend Ives Lauriault. We were discussing the silvery craft we had seen surveying a fire in the hills just a few hours before, while we were at a swimming pool. Ives, at that time, lived on Chapel Avenue. in Alhambra.

At times we had been able to set up some kind of communication of a mental nature with the Space People. That night, we decided to go outside and try it. Ives, his brother Andrew, and I laid a blanket on tile grass next to the curb by the side of douse. (I would like to mention here that Ives is 15, Andrew is 11 and I am 14.)

We started sending mental messages to our space contact from our resting place on the grass. Our space contact, we understood from previous contacts, was a girl, whose name and identity I am not free to give here as yet. ‘We received the impressional message to wait ten minutes before their ships would come over our location. At approximately- 10:;0 or 10:45, we saw something, from our position, lying on our backs and looking straight up into the sky. A very small red disk, or a something more like a big red light that took a disk shape, glided noiselessly over our heads at a very low altitude. After seeing at least six more of them. once two at a time, we observed something different. (Incidentally. these disks would follow our mental requests : such as following one another. moving to the left, moving to the right and so on.) Then over San Gabriel Valley we saw a huge white light moving slowly and then a plane passed over the light. I asked it (the disk) to stop. It did and then reversed direction as it started to move again and changed color and then vanished.

We saw five more red lights or disks pass over us again without making a sound. Our space contact sent us the impression that this was all for the present. We thanked her and the space people for tile experiences and at 11 :00 RAM. concluded our contact for that night. NOW again I thank those wonderful people for this and many other sightings.

I hope someday that I shall be able to visit with them in their marvelous craft.

Your editor would like to know of experiences which other teenagers have had with these craft.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

What glorious things are coming into our midst as man turns his once blind eyes to the seemingly mute heavens and they are now answering, saying, “Come home, brother, come home. Ye are not alone nor can you exist alone. Why do you say there can be no life there,’ making thy-self separate when none can be separate, for life exists everywhere? Love is deeper than life and as boundless as infinite space.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

There are two elements in a good society, namely: first, the present well being of those who compose it, and secondly its capacity for developing into something better.

Bertrand Russell


Reprint from



The courage and healthy- curiosity- of American youth is shattering some of the prejudice and provincialism that have encrusted American attitudes The growing emphasis on science in our education is creating a generation who are insistent on the right to know. We can’t fan their interest in the nature of the upper atmosphere and tile radiation of distant stars without also lighting their interest in the people of Russia and China,.

The powerful politico-military extremists, who have foisted upon tile American mind the idea that ignorance is the best defense, tried to head off the student excursions behind the Iron Curtain this past summer. (Tire same politicos blocked all suggestions that a great World Youth Congress be held in the United States-“We don’t want ’em goin’ and we don’t want ’em comin’ “-and thus let this great propaganda weapon fall to the Soviet.) But a large group of American students did go to Moscow, and once there, saw how stupid was the Kremlin’s Iron Curtain and how high were the walls of prejudice and ignorance that have surrounded American thinking.

Our most effective ambassadors were these young people who created riotous intellectual disturbances all over the Soviet-wherever institutions of higher learning are to be found. Great holes were torn in the, intellectual Iron Curtains of the Soviet. holes that can never be repaired. The attitudes of the U. S. visitors made it startlingly clear to Soviet youth that there can be no enduring progress without freedom of thought and unrestricted truth seeking. Of course there were Soviet students who determinedly defended their own system and refuted the arguments hurled at them. But, as one American observer reported. “Even the most ardent Communists learned that their position could be undermined by any honest view of history. It left them angry and shaken.” (N.Y. Times, Aug 17.)

On to Red China went 41 of these young Americans- to see China’s brave effort to rebuild her retarded, inadequate economy, and also to observe the harsh results of the Marxist dictatorship. The action of these young people in asserting their rights as free citizens of our republic, to go wherever doors are open, has kicked some doors open in this country. The State Department ruling that forbids U.S. newsmen to go to Red China will soon be untenable, a policy forced on the Department by the ultra-reactionary GOP block within the Administration.

The student travelers will come back with a realistic appraisal of communism’s place in history-as a brutal form. of progress that comes only when normal progress is dammed tip. They will see that America is safe as long as progress here continues to flow out of the fountains of goodwill within our society.

This action by our own youth enlightens what is happening on both sides of the Iron Curtain-something deeper and far more meaningful than guided missiles or even disarmament negotiations.    Slowly, W id almost imperceptibly, a new generation is reaching up to take hold of the future.




In the beginning was I,

with a face of fabulous night,

but with love for a lovely light.

(Oh, yet what pain when my breaking was bright!)

In the beginning was I,

and out of me were all things made

as from the ore is drawn the blade.

Hence 1, not the “tree,” am casting the shade.

In the beginning was I,

unfolding to a million forms,

testing each piece in bending storms,

regathering the days back in my arms.

In the beginning was I,

malting my creatures crass and low;

my features moving to and fro.

None could see my face; none could say “I know.”

In the beginning was I,

delighted in such pointless game,

making faces that wore no name

creatures moving without a blame or shame.

In the beginning was I,

Alone-‘Till I conceived this plan :

I made flesh become artisan.

Exhaled of me, it seeks to understand.

In the beginning was I,

and now my children are here,

inventive and without fear.

But I inhale, and some just–disappear.

— Lester E. Adams



The first Spacecraft Picnic sponsored by Understanding in Alhambra on September 8th has been acclaimed a success. There were about 300 friends and members in attendance. Representatives of UFO Clubs and Units were on hand from L.A., Pomona, Vista, Long Beach, Ventura, Redwood City, Fontana, San Fernando, Orange and El Monte. Among the guests were Dana Howard, Calvin Girvin, Eugene Drake and Eloise Mellor and many other leaders in the New Age Movement.

We wish to welcome Orange County Spacecraft Club as Unit No. 7 of understanding. We hear they have a fine group in Orange and know that we will be receiving good reports from them.

Mr. A. G. Rose has been elected president of the Vista Unit for the year 57-58, replacing Mrs. Martha Sheppard who has done a wonderful job of organizing and expanding.

Unit No. 6 of San Fernando held an interesting meeting on September 28th with Dana Howard as guest speaker. Mr. Frank Spiva, Assistant Editor of Understanding and author of “America Know Thy Destiny,” will be their speaker for November 8th. For exact. time and location contact Charlotte Sullivan, 3414 North San Fernando Rd., Burbank, Calif.

Unit No. 1 of El Monte will present the motion picture “The Day the Earth Stood Still” on Saturday, October 19th. 7:30 and 0:00 P.M. at 517 Stewart St., El Monte, Calif. Tickets may be obtained from Understanding, 11376 Frankmont St., El Monte. Proceeds from these presentations will apply toward the Understanding Desert Center building fund which now stands at $292.86.

All Units of Understanding and other UFO clubs are invited to list their activities and lectures in the Bulletin Board. Just write them UP and send them in.

Excellent reports and reviews are still coming in concerning Hope Troxell’s book “Wisdom of the Universe. We feel that this is one of the new books which you can’t afford to miss.




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VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

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TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


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