Klass and Fly in the Saucer

Eric was asking about Philip Klass’s article, Fly In the Saucer, and a google search reminded me that Fry had written about it in Understanding, Volume 14, Number 4.  To give Fry’s reply context, I added Klass’s article to the … Continued

Aberree Articles about Fry

The Aberree (.com) magazine is now searchable and provided a few Fry related articles which are now reproduced here on DFDC. You can find them under the Daniel Related pages. Cheers, Sean.

“Human Consciousness” by Daniel W. Fry

Thanks to the sale of a 1962 back issue of “The Searcher”, there is now a copy of an article Daniel wrote on “Human Consciousness”. Find it on the Daniel’s Writings -> Daniel Related page here. Cheers, Sean.