Håkan Blomqvist reviews Contactee

Håkan Blomqvist who is associated with the wonderful Swedish AFU archive has written a frank and long review of my book, Contactee – Was Daniel W. Fry Telling the Truth.  As is the case with most things fringe, anytime someone … Continued

Contactee Book Pulled for Review

Scourge, one of the co-authors sent me a bunch of suggested improvements and I realized the book is a mess as it currently stands.  It will take me probably a month to fix all the problems and until that time, … Continued

New eBook – Complete White Sands Incident

As part of the upcoming biography and research book, Contactee, I went through all of Fry’s books and created a “Complete White Sands Incident” eBook.  Fry’s complete story was never published in one complete book and a lot of interesting … Continued

The Rocket Years

Maps help to understand how location was important in Daniel’s life, and one area in particular dominated his life in the 40s and 50s, especially because it was the reason Daniel was in White Sands, New Mexico in 1949. Daniel … Continued

Daniel’s Early Life

To get a better idea of the locations important in Daniel’s early life, I used the mapping tool on Google to find some shots of Hill City and Verdon township. The map below shows Verdon township, north of Aitkin, Minnesota, … Continued