The Origin of the Tahahlita Photos

Håkan Blomqvist has once again done indepth original research into the source of the Tahahalita photo and wrote about it in his blog which you can find here

In several blog posts I have commented on the three photographs of a bell-shaped craft allegedly taken by Tahahlita Fry in Merlin, Oregon on November 1968. These photos have been reproduced innumerable times in books and magazines, often with different dates and claims that they were actually taken by other people. In the Parthenon correspondence file at AFU we have original letter from Tahahlita Fry, describing how she took the photos. I have generally regarded all other claims as highly dubious. But recently a new source have appeared that deepens the mystery.

“Who is the photographer?”, Håkan Blomqvist, February 2rd, 2019

Keep up the good work Håkan. Cheers, Sean.

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