New Understanding literature Added

Thanks to Håkan Blomqvist of the AFU, who went to the trouble of scanning in the 1965 Handbook of Understanding and Meeting minutes from 1971, I have added both to DFDC.

Cheers, Sean.

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  1. Trina Simon

    I have the understanding booklet from September 1971, I’ve had in a long time and I wanted to sell it but I don’t know how to price it. This is the only one I have ever seen. I did read his book along time ago. Thank you so much, Trina Simon, Best way to reach me is text or telephone [removed], thank you

    • Sean Donovan

      Hi Trina, to get a price reference, you can check places like eBay and Abebooks, although Understanding issues are rare, they are not in demand. A reasonable price would be between $3 and $10USD, earlier ones being worth more. Cheers. (I removed your phone number from the comment for privacy reasons)


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