A Rebuttal to Stanford regarding Fry

Back in 2017, Ray Stanford was interviewed by The Paracast and in a thread, Randy gave a strong rebuttal.  I have reposted it here under the controversies page as it is one of those rare occasions where any evaluation of Fry’s story was done.  Check it out!  It is reposted, with permission from Randy, in case the original source disappears.


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  1. Gary Spake

    Great work Sean,

    Your tribute site for Daniel really gives us a flavor of the historical interest in the subject, the players and their contribution to the quest for understanding. Until the last couple of years, I don’t think we cohesively know much more that they did fifty-plus years ago! We are “finally” coming back around to the conclusion that the phenomena may be multi-dimensional and has a huge spiritual and consciousness component’.
    I/we at MUFON-OC have listened to hundreds of hours of the Understand presentations from many of the Units, on reel to reel tape and converted them to digital. Their recording date/subject logging, unfortunately, was very poor.
    I found two other people that have literally “boxes” of the Understating tapes, but don’t really know what to do with them. We at MUFON are still trying to figure out how to present these to the world on our website http://www.mufonoc.org. Email me back, if you like. Gary – MUFON Orange County and CE-5 Orange County group in Southern CA.

  2. Amy George

    Hi, My Grandmother And Mother are Virginia Arnold nee Norman Linda George they have been with Understanding inc. since it startedy sister Tawnya, is ned after Tahlita, my other Sister is Shonna. I have original papers and some taped from reel to reel. I would love to pick up where they started. Please let me know what I can do to help.


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