Readded the Flying Saucers Unlimited and 1964 Oregon Film DVD

I was unable to convert it to a straight MP4, but I just changed the iso to avi  and it loads fine in Videolan.  Only for $9US!


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    • Sean Donovan

      The download doesn’t work for you? I can sell you a DVD, but it will be considerable work to make because I haven’t done one in years. Which one did you want?

  1. Jack W Rhoads

    Hey Sean, Cant get the program to download. Tried six times. any advice? Thanks, Jack

    • Sean Donovan

      What browser are you using?  This link will only work on a Windows or Macintosh machine, not on a smartphone.  After you have clicked on the link
      If you are using Edge from Windows, you will need to click on “Save” or “Open”. I see you tried to download the file six times, please note that when you click on the link, you have to save the AVI file to your computer first, then play it using a video player.

      Note that the video only has sporadic sound, so if it does not seem to be working at first, the sound was like that on the original tape. I tested the link here and it is working.


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