Håkan Blomqvist on “Daniel Fry and the esoteric intervention theory “

From the wonderful AFU in Sweden, Håkan Blomqvist wrote an article about Understanding, reprinted here with permission:

While browsing among recent blog entries I found some interesting comments on contactee Daniel Fry in the Mark Russell Bell blog. I wasn´t aware of that Fry in the 1973 edition of his books The White Sands Incident (1954) and Alan´s Message: To Men of Earth (1954) included a revised version of his first book with information on his second contact with Alan, not mentioned in The White Sands Incident. The 1973 edition is simply named To Men of Earth.

The second contact occurred while Fry was at his work at Aerojet where he tested rocket motors. One day he suddenly hears Alan´s voice very clear, “as though he was standing at my side”. During this conversation Fry is asked whether he wish to assist the visitors in their work and also what is expected of him. Alan explains: “The time has come when you must make the final decision as to whether you will be that person. It is a free choice on your part, and there is no penalty for refusal.  If you do not wish to assist us, you will be permitted to return to your quarters at once.  All memory of this meeting and the previous one will be erased from your mind, but everything else will be the same.  You will be no worse off than before we came.” (p. 88) That his memory of his first contact and this offer is to be erased if he says no to the proposition is a rather unusual claim coming from the 1950s contactees.

Daniel Fry in Sweden 1970

We find the usual ambiguities in the Daniel Fry contact claim. The 16mm film he took in Oregon 1964 is obviously a fake. But the craft that his wife Tahalita Fry photographed in Merlin, Oregon, November 1964 are intriguing. There have been several claims regarding these photos but in a letter to Ms Edith Nicolaisen June 6, 1969 Tahalita gives the background to what happened:

Bless you all. Just mailed the book to ………… We thank you so much. You will find enclosed two pictures of UFO taken over Merlin, Oregon November 1968. A clear blue sky. I was taking pictures of the parlor to send to friends in Florida who wanted to come here to live so – a truck went by our freeway – or interstate 5. I took the truck and then my camera seemed to snap without me doing any thing. My dear friend Mrs Billie Thompson was with me, so we used a roll of film and then I started all over again to try and be sure I got proper snapshots to send away. I did get good ones too. I am sending you 2 of them. I have never seen one open before. …. once in a very big glow …………………………..
Wishing you all good luck.
All love and good wishes go to you
Tahalita Fry

Oregon_footage_snapshot from footage
Oregon footage snapshot from footage

When Timothy Good, during an interview in 1976, asked about these photos Daniel Fry asserted that Tahalita did not see the craft when she took the pictures. The craft is totally different from the one seen in his 16mm film and looks much more like the classic Adamski type bell shape. So how are we to interpret the contact claims of Daniel Fry? Based upon my own 40+ years of investigations of physical contact experiences I can only conclude that some contact claims are obviously real. The contactees do interact with some type of alien visitors but not necessary space people. I have proposed the esoteric intervention theory as an alternative working hypothesis.

You can find the rest of the article on his blog.

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