Håkan Blomqvist reviews Contactee

Håkan Blomqvist who is associated with the wonderful Swedish AFU archive has written a frank and long review of my book, Contactee – Was Daniel W. Fry Telling the Truth.  As is the case with most things fringe, anytime someone takes the time to write a clear and forth-right review of Contactee, I appreciate it.

Mr. Blomqvist asked some questions that I hope to answer, at least partially, in this post;

What happened to all the local units all over the country? With some 70 local units and 10 000 members how come such a large organization just collapsed?

The answer is mundane – the units simply stopped meeting, one after another, year after year, until only a small core of individuals dedicated to Fry all resigned in 1979.  It never collapsed, just slowly died off after Understanding reached a peak in the late 1960s.  In many ways, the Understanding organization couldn’t exist outside of Fry and the hectic pace he maintained for decades giving talks to and meeting with one Unit after another.  I’m afraid I tried to make that clear in the book, but apparently not in a notable way.

And what became of the arsonist who burned down the library and kitchen in the Understanding headquarters in 1978, then at Tonopah, Arizona? Who was this man and was he ever convicted?

I don’t know the answer as his name was never mentioned in anything I ever came across.  The arsonist could very well have been an untraceable vagabond.   I do know a few people who might know and if enough people are interested, I will ask.

What is missing in the book is an investigation and analysis of the Tahalita Fry UFO photographs taken in November 1968.

I actually never considered an analysis of her photos because Fry never claimed he took them and I suspect they are as fake as the others.  Regardless of their true nature, they could be argued upon endlessly and in the end, a simple photo provides no insight into how a craft operates, or its origins for that matter.

The weak part of the book is the author´s lack of knowledge of the complexity of the contactee enigma.

This was by intent as I am not a scholar of Contactee stories, much less Ufology in general, but more of a self taught “authenticity tester”, only interested in Fry’s story because of its potential for useful knowledge.  I have an extremely narrow focus – I want to find, build, research or even just light a potential path for a future generation of gravity researchers.  Curvity might be that path.  I have no interest in the “Esoteric Tradition” or “Science of multiverse” and consider Fry’s book the “The Curve of Development” as one of his weakest, along with “Can God Fill Teeth”.

Many thanks Håkan Blomqvist,


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  1. Nicholas Faust

    Great to see all this information on Dan Fry and “understanding” on the web .I was a friend and associate of Hope Troxell who was the co-founder of Understanding. Hope later founded the School of Thought in Pasadena CA and later moved to Independence CA where I met and worked with her for 14 years and had numerous sightings and had the opportunity to assist Hope with her mission of teaching humanity about the coming Kingdom of Light. I remember Hope speaking about Dan and it seemed that Dan was a very honest and straight forward man who would not stoop to faking photos and the like as he was not into it for the money.


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