Håkan Blomqvist Writes About Swedish Understanding

Håkan Blomqvist of Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) is a UFO scholar who has written an interesting article about the Swedish Understanding Unit Number One.  Recommended!  Here is the first paragraph:

One of the largest UFO contactee organizations in the 1950s and 60s was Understanding, Inc. founded by Daniel W. Fry in 1955. From a modest beginning with nine members in El Monte, California the organization grew to more than 70 local units in the United States and many members throughout the world. Recently AFU received a donation of old documents from the only European Understanding Unit, founded in Sweden 1963 by Sven-Erik and Ing-Marie Asklund, then living i Bandhagen, south of Stockholm. This event was proudly announced in the magazine Understanding, June 1963.


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  1. Richard Leschen.

    Dear Sean,
    Many thanks for contacting me again, it’s much appreciated. I have been looking into this of which Håkan Blomqvist writes regarding the growing membership from nine members in El Monte in California to more than seventy followers. I am still working through this you have just sent me, I appreciate this muchly.

    I still dip into my favourite book ” They Rode in Space Ships by Gavin Gibbons. You could call it my Science Bible actually.

    In one of the chapters of this book Aylan Alan states that it is perfectly possible to cause a space ship to fall into the Negative gravitational curve in respect to the Earth or any other body on which the space ship is resting. To do this and place one’s space ship in this Negative Gravitation curve, one only has to make this happen by the proper application of moving electrical charges. Exactly how this is done Aylan Alan does not say. However some four years ago I came across the works of Dr Thomas Townsend Brown a Canadian physicist who was working with his very wealthy father also a physicist. Around that time a German engineer was working at Doctor Brown senior’s laboratory on a revolutionary Electrical Capacitor of very light weight for the power it packed. He pointed the negative end of the capacitor down on the bench with its positive end pointing upwards. Then when he had fully charged this revolutionary capacitor he closed the switch and it rose into the air from the bench to a certain height with a real jump and hovered for a split second. Then a loud Bang ! was heard and the capacitor shorted out, then it crashed down on the bench. This German physicist was so excited that he said, “Gott sei dank mein Kind ist schon geflogen.” If one speaks a bit of German as do I, this means literally…….” My baby has flown already.” A very happy moment for this German Electrical Scientist.

    It was from this simple happening that the son also a Scientist and Dr Brown senior’s son, Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown junior developed his research into Electrogravitics. By 1952 he had achieved a great breakthrough with his two discoid craft on long capture arms spinning up to great speeds in a horizontal motion of around some 650 miles per hour driven simply by the super intense positive + electrical charges being placedon the leading edge of each disc and the minus charge or – negative charges being placed on the two discs trailing edges. In the dark both discs glowed with an iridescent light or luminosity. Dr Thomas Townsend Brown and his father invited the Canadian Navy, and the Army and the Air force and the War Department to see this and similar devices. The only people to turn up and take this revolutionary science seriously were the Canadian Navy it seems. The rest is history. When Aylan Alan stated what I said above he only gave a few clues which I have now realised seems to be what this clever Dr Thomas Townsend Brown latched onto independently. The culmination of all of this work of Dr Thomas Townsend Browns over many years after 1952 resulted in the American and or Joint Canadian B2 Electro Bomber I now give you the link to here……. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/electrogravitics_systems.pdf

    Dr T.T. Brown Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion


    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


    Richard Leschen.

    • Nate

      Hi Richard. Unfortunately that story about Townsend Brown is completely confused and bears very little resemblance to the facts. Brown was a real person and his family maintains a website at http://thomastownsendbrown.com/ He did work on gravity control (with unclear resuts), but was American, not Canadian. There were not two generations of scientists; only the one man. He was involved in many projects over the course of his life, as both a civilian contractor and US Navy officer, from the 1920s to the 1970s (including founding NICAP and the Gravity Research Foundation), but only fragments of information have so far surfaced into the public domain. If you’re interested, check out the website.


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