Daniel Fry at Giant Rock in 1955
Daniel Fry at Giant Rock in 1955

Daniel Fry Dot Com is a place for those interested in the story and history of Daniel W. Fry and includes all the research material that ended up in Fry’s biography (temporarily unavailable as the second edition is worked on).

The site contains:

  • A complete list of Daniel’s books, including translations, with cover shots and searchable contents.
  • All the text from Daniel’s Understanding newsletters (240+) in a searchable HTML format as well as cover shots.
  • 500 hundred hours of streaming audio from the Inglewood Unit #15 of Understanding and Giant Rock
  • A multimedia gallery including pictures, streaming video and book links.

If you have Daniel Fry material, books, newsletters, pictures that you think would be useful in a biography, let me know.


Sean Donovan

Who Is Daniel Fry?

Daniel W. Fry is one of the lesser known contactees among others like George Adamski, Howard Menger, Buck Nelson and George Van Tassel. He was born in America in 1908 on the banks of the Mississippi and was shortly an orphan thereafter. He wrote numerous books about his alien contact experience, the first and most famous of which was published in 1954 called “The White Sands Incident“. During his life he held many jobs, from explosive expert to a rocket instrument technician at the White Sands Proving Ground. He was also vice president of Crescent Engineering and owner of a land development company in Merlin, Oregon.

After his experience, which forever changed his life, he published numerous books, gave thousands of talks and started an organization called Understanding, which he ran until shortly before his death. He had three children with his first wife and eventually married a total of three times. He died in 1992 in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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“The most astonishing thing I recently saw on the glorious Web was the opening of a site devoted to the writings of the late contactee Dan Fry. And by devoted, I mean that somebody actually transcribed all, over 240, of the issues of his ‘Understanding’ newsletter into the digital domain. I can scarcely imagine a more mind-numbing enterprise, having browsed through a handful of them. It puts into focus why Believers will always be with us.” – Martin Kottmeyer, Saucer Smear, August 15th, 2005.